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Zorro Nano Ionic Steamer



Facial steamer by Cocconby is an effective Blackhead Remover that comes with a set of following features:

  • AT-HOME SKIN THERAPY MACHINE: Zorro Nano Ionic Facial Steamer is equipped with a set of 4 stainless steel blackhead remover pins and a spa facial headband that comes as a gift with the purchase. This is the perfect professional face steamer machine and blackhead remover. Give yourself a facial spa at home with this spa facial steam machine in the comfort of your home.
  • HEAT RELAXING FACE STEAMER: This skin therapy machine acts as a heat steamer with accurate temperature control for 30 minutes. The steam therapy relaxes the skin layer, opens up pores to allow better penetration by the remover pins provided. This entire process smoothens your skin and allows easy extraction of impurities and blackheads from the pores.
  • REJUVENATING SKIN THERAPY: Zorro is a professional facial steamer machine that combines hot and cold modules to produce negatively charged ions akin to nano-steam, that allow for deep & effective penetration into the skin pores. It helps you away with the issues of dry skin by the steam moisture, eases sinus & congestion, and promotes healthy circulation to facial muscles.
  • 100% SAFE MATERIALS: The facial steamer is made from an environment safe ABS thermoplastic polymer which is a low cost, scratch-proof material that drastically reduces the risk of infections. You can easily maintain this skin therapy machine as it is easy to clean. Using it regularly can do wonders for your skin as well as physical health.
  • POWER-EFFICIENT FACIAL STEAMER: The power capacity of the heating module is 20W-130W. This skin therapy/ facial steamer works on low power and is highly efficient, allowing the device to be an energy saving professional face steamer. There is a 200 ml water loading capacity that allows you to steam for up to 30 minutes, uninterrupted, and without having to worry about the water finishing.
  • Includes: 4 stainless steel blackhead remover tools and a spa hairband
  • Features: Therapeutic skin steam therapy, aids circulation, rejuvenates skin, tools provided to help get rid of whiteheads and blackheads, 200 ml water holding capacity, 30-minute temperature control.
  • Material: 100% Safe ABS Thermoplastic Polymer, Lightweight & Portable
  • Question 1:Can I use it for my child who has a cold?
    Answer: Yes, just make sure you are present near your kid while he/ she is inhaling the steam. Keep a close check if the temperature is alright for your child.
  • Question 2:Can we share the same steamer?
    Answer: It’s best if one person uses the steamer at one sitting. You can easily clean this steamer by wiping it and letting the steam run for a few minutes for a deep insider cleanse.
  • Question 3:Do the blackhead remover tools work?
    Answer: They do! The blackheads come out quickly when you do it right after steam. The product comes with a manual. Please read the instructions carefully before using the product. You can also watch some videos and tutorials on YouTube to master each tool! Good luck!