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YapHalt Battery Operated Anti Barking Device



Control your dog’s incessant barking in no time with this friendly collar

  • Vibration no-bark dog collar
  • Smart wireless collar
  • Human & safe dog collar
  • Safety mode for your dog’s protection
  • Perfect size for all dogs
YapHalt is the perfect collar for your dog; here’s why
  • Adjustable collar
  • Unique design
  • Reflective collar
  • Anti-shock collar
  • Safe and comfortable


warning levels




second sleep mode

Smart detection mode

Vibration warning levels

Rechargeable collar

For dogs from 5kg to 50kgs

Safe, Humane & Effective

Correct your dog's behavior in a humane fashion. The device is safe and effective to be used on pets.

Warning Levels For Behavioural Training

YapHalt produces warning beeps till 2 barks, giving your pet the time and space to correct himself.

Control Loud Barking

With warning beeps and vibrations, train your pets to behave properly without harming them

Comfortable Belt With Reflective Strips

High-quality, wide black polyester belt with 2 reflective strips that fit around every dog's neck.

Rechargeable Pet Anti-Bark Control Collar with Vibrational Warning

  • VIBRATION ANTI-BARK DOG COLLAR: YapHalt is the ultimate collar to control your dog’s barking. It is a rechargeable dog collar that vibrates in levels to ease your dog’s barking gradually and humanely. The 7 level warnings in the form of vibrations and 60-second automatic sleep mode allow your pet a friendly lesson in reducing barking.
  • SMART WIRELESS COLLAR: This anti-bark collar is a smart collar that helps you train your dog with ease. Training your dog becomes a seamless and joyful experience. The collar has an intelligent detector to sense barking and vibrates accordingly, to signal to your dog to stop barking.
  • HUMANE NO-SHOCK DOG COLLAR: YapHalt is a safe, humane, and effective way to bring your dog’s unnecessary barking under control. Unlike other collars, this is a no-shock and secure collar that is a completely pet-friendly and humane option to train your dog into disciplined barking.
  • REFLECTIVE & TRENDY ANTI-BARK DOG COLLAR: This anti-bark dog collar has a reflective band to spot your dog even at night easily. The collar has a high-quality polyester adjustable belt, from 20 to 55cm. It has a sleek design and looks smart on your furry friend. It looks great on your dog and is comfortable too.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL DOG COLLAR: YapHalt is an adjustable anti-bark humane collar that fits a wide range of dogs. From 5kgs to 50kgs, this collar helps to correct your dog’s barking safely and humanely. It is the best alternative to inhumane shock collars widely used for dog barking prevention.
  • Package Dimensions: 3.27 x 2.8 x 2.28 inches
  • Product Weight: 2.82 ounces
  • Material: Lightweight and Durable
  • Features: Adjustable, reflective, anti-shock, humane dog bark collar
  • Question 1: Does the vibration stop?
    Answer: Yes! This collar comes with a 7-levels vibrational warning system. After all the levels have successively progressed, the collar activates a 1-minute sleep mode to ensure your dog remains safe.
  • Question 2: How do I know this collar will fit my dog?
    Answer:Okay, you’re in for a treat! I ordered this for my hound, and it fit! It has an adjustable strap from 20cm to 55cm. It works well on dogs from 5kgs to 50kgs. So, if your dog is well within that, you should get this collar! It’s great!
  • Question 2: Can I immerse this collar in the water?
    Answer: Ideally, you should not immerse this dog collar inside water. Your dog can wear it when there is light rain or snow, but it is safer to take it off and play in a wet environment.
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