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Waschen Portable Single Tub Washer



Get to experience the convenience of owning a unique portable washing machine with Waschen.

  • A great alternative to expensive laundry.
  • Fast and saves you plenty of time.
  • It comes with user-friendly controls
  • It has an electric washer.
Waschen portable washer is
  • Quality-tested
  • Automatic
  • Travel-friendly
  • Quick and safe


electric washer




water wastage.

Saves Water

Tested For Quality

Ideal For Small Clothes


Portable & Lightweight

Waschen is a lightweight and portable washing machine that cleans your dirty laundry in no time.

Powerful Motor

Though small in size, Waschen is powerful enough to clean all the dust and dirt from all your clothes.

Ideal For Small Clothes

Ideal for washing small clothes like socks, undergarments, pillow covers, handkerchiefs etc.

Fully Automatic, lightweight washer

  • Portable Washing machine: Waschen portable washing is an economical, mini washing machine that fits in anywhere without demanding much space or power. It eliminates unnecessary spending of money on expensive laundry.
  • Automatic Washing machine: For quick and effective washing, the mini washing machine is made automatic. It saves time with its swift operations. It also comes with a preset timer that allows you to focus on other household chores simultaneously.
  • Perfect for limited spaces: Hassle-free washing in the limited space is quite challenging. But with Waschen all in 1 washer the problem resolves in no time.
  • Travel-friendly portable washing machine: The lightweight and portable washing machines are deemed to be beneficial for people who travel often. They no longer have to worry about the unlaundered clothes in their backpack because the mini washing machine gets the job done. Suitable for RV, travel, or mobile homes.
  • User-friendly: The machine is great for energy conservation. The lid present in the machine tests the water condition and also its user-friendly controls give you better washing experience.
  • Brand: Densor
  • Washing capacity: Less than 1.2Kg
  • Package dimension: 23 x 15 x 15 inches
  • Battery requirement: N/A
  • Question 1: Does the mini washing machine make noise?
    Answer: It doesn't make any loud noise like the standard washing machine. The only time you hear the noise is when it is spinning. That happens only if the load is uneven.
  • Question 2:Can I use a portable washing machine to wash my jeans?
    Answer:You can wash all the clothes that you wash in a regular washing machine. Just make sure you don't overload the machine.
  • Question 2:Does the washing machine wash my clothes properly?
    Answer:The mini washing machine is quite efficient in every aspect. It works like any regular machine. In fact, it's quite effective.
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