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Charcoalo Teeth Whitening Kit

  • PBW003

Professional Teeth Whitening Kit with Strips

  • COMPLETE DENTAL TEETH WHITENING KIT FOR STUNNING RESULTS: Designed to put an end to the war against yellow, stained teeth, the Paraiba White’s Charcoalo professional kit includes 2 gel pens for instantly whiter teeth, a pack of 14 whitening strips, and a whitening accelerator light for fast results. Your smile will soon be brighter than ever, in the safest and the most affordable way, while enjoying the comforts of your home!
  • WHITENING PEN – YOUR INSTANT TEETH WHITENER SUPERHERO: To make the teeth whitening kit all the more effective, Charcoalo comes with teeth whitening pen to solve your dental problems. Loaded with Carbamide Peroxide Gel and other supremely effective ingredients, this tooth whitening pen works wonders against coffee, tea, and tobacco stains, leaving your teeth up to 4-8 shades whiter, right after the first uses. Compact and super easy to use even on the go, this mint-flavored whitening gel pen will be your best ally for staggering smiles – anywhere, anytime.
  • DENTAL TEETH WHITENING KIT WITH 3D STRIPS: Charcoalo’s pack of 14 teeth whitening strips will vanish any stubborn stains and brighten your teeth in less than 3 weeks! As they fit snugly on your top and bottom teeth, their effective and enamel-safe formula purifies and whitens all your teeth without being harsh to your gums. Gentle and almost invisible, you can use these non-slip strips daily to achieve the perfect smile in just 30 minutes!
  • WHITENING ACCELERATOR LIGHT – THE HIGHWAY TO WHITE TEETH: Get the most out of your Charcoalo’s teeth whitening products - teeth whitening strips, pens, or gels with this miraculous USA-Made light accelerator. As the LED light activates peroxide - the main ingredients of all whitening products- it maximizes their effectiveness for noticeably whiter teeth even faster. Plus, it comes with 2 trays so you can share it with your partner. Great for those with sensitive teeth too!
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS - ORDER WITH PEACE OF MIND: Join our community of thousands of people who have used our express teeth whitening products to achieve a wider, brighter smile. Devoted to making you grin with confidence every single day, Paraiba White offers an Unconditional 30-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. With nothing to worry about, it’s time to make that smile even shinier. Order today – Love it forever!
  • 2X 5ml Gel Syringes
  • Universal Comfort Fit Tray (Easy Use)
  • 2X Thermoform Trays (Custom Fit)
  • Stylish Palm Tree Retainer Case to keep your trays Fresh
  • 5X Blue LED Light for Whitening Acceleration.
  • Instruction Manual
  • Package Dimensions: 9.29 x 6.97 x 1.81 inches
  • Package Weight: 14.78 Ounces
  • Question 1: My teeth have decayed a lot and have stains due to my tobacco addiction. Will this product be useful for me?
    Answer: We are not sure if any dental products can bring back decayed teeth but Charcoalo teeth whitening kit can definitely improve your stained teeth condition. With proper use, you will notice changes and your teeth will look
  • Question 2: How many weeks will it take to see a noticeable change?
    Answer: Charcoalo teeth whitening kit and teeth whitening strips have a fast action formula. You do not have to wait for weeks or days as you can notice a change in your teeth shade after its first use. To enjoy better results, use it properly and regularly as instructed in the package.
  • Question 3: Is it good for quick teeth whitening? Especially for photoshoots after coffee breaks?
    Answer: Yes, it has a quick action formula making it suitable for situations and scenarios like this. Include Charcoalo in your dental hygiene routine to see significant changes.
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