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Teeth Whitening Coconut Charcoal Strips



  • The Best Teeth Whitening Strips! GlorySmile Teeth Whitening Coconut Charcoal Strips combines the natural whitening power of coconut oil and activated charcoal, infuse it with our unique whitening formula. Convenient and easy to use. The smile will never be wiped off your face.
  • Just 3 steps to whiten your teeth: Peel + Apply + Reveal. Smile with confidence !
  • Fast effect and no mess and pain free - only need 30 minutes to keep strips on your teeth for the whole whitening process, very efficiently and no any pain or sensitivity.
  • No Taste - This Teeth Whitening Coconut Charcoal Strips do not have any other nasty taste when you apply or an after taste.
  • Noted: Do not re-use the strips, please dispose of once used; and not recommended for persons under the age of 12 and pregnant women.