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SpyDefy Detector Wireless Bug Detector Signal


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If you feel unsafe and spied on, this bug detector will find the bugs from any corner!

  • Protects your privacy and detects hidden bugs
  • Smart wireless device that picks up RF signals
  • Detects smallest of the small cameras or devices
  • Detects even the weakest signals with ease
Here’s why SpyDefy is the ideal bug detector:
  • Tracks bugs with faint signals
  • High sensitivity settings
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Handheld bug detector



2G, 3G,




Strong detection sensors


Detects GPS

Modern design

Why should you choose SpyDefy?

Secure your private conversations & business deals as SpyDefy can detect the faintest of the wireless signal fluctuations and help you locate the source. It prevents you from being filmed, wiretapped and tracked.

What does this bug detector do?

With RF detection mode, it detects signal fluctuations from any nearby transmitting eavesdropping devices. The magnetic field detection mode detects any GPS tracker that is attached by a magnet to a vehicle. The camera lens finder mode helps to find the hidden camera.

When can you use SpyDefy?

It can be used to detect the presence of any unwanted GPS tracker on your vehicle; detect wiretap in top-secret business meetings; hidden cameras in public fitting rooms, or hotels; and the presence of any unwanted radiations.

SpyDefy Anti Spy RF Detector Wireless Bug Detector Signal

  • SPY CAMERA DETECTOR DEVICE: The SpyDefy is the ideal bug detector to find hidden bugs like cameras, recording devices, and other remote devices that emit an RF signal. It is an effective detector that catches faint signals when used in any location. Perfect for grabbing hidden culprits and spies.
  • SMART SIGNAL & SIGNAL FINDING DETECTOR: SpyDefy is a smart wireless bug detector that finds listening devices. It picks up RF signals from wireless transmitters or listening devices. Many bug detectors find it hard to detect CDMA signals, but SpyDefy has superior detection and can easily see CDMA, 2G, 3G, 4G signals.
  • CAR GPS DETECTOR: SpyDefy is a wireless and portable bug and tracker that can also detect GPS tracking systems in a car. Give your vehicle a quick Spydefy scan and locate any such trackers that have been planed quickly. It is a handy, travel-friendly, and durable military-grade tool, perfect for professional and investigative purposes.
  • HIGH SENSITIVITY SETTINGS: The SpyDefy is a smart and modern bug-detector with increased sensitivity towards frequency signals that can be used to track down listening devices trackers. You can adjust the sensitivity settings to hunt down the trackers and bugs with weary signals.
  • MULTI-USE ANTI SPY BUG FINDER: SpyDefy has various functions and guards you from all kinds of illegal recording devices. It detects spy cameras and listening devices as well as trackers and GPS signals. It also can detect magnetic fields and can help you track down where they’re coming from with precision.
  • Package Dimensions: 6.57 x 4.13 x 2.13 inches
  • Item Weight: 10.8 ounces
  • Features: Wireless, detect faint signals, tracks GPS trackers, and LED lights
  • Material: Portable and Lightweight
  • Question 1: How do bug detectors work?
    Answer:Any bug, from hidden cameras, wires, to audio recorders, emit Radio Frequency (RF). A bug detector just picks up the RF signals from the placed bugs, and lights up or emits a sound if it tracks a device. The Spydefy is a really cool device that picks up even the faintest of signals.
  • Question 2:What sort of signals can this bug detector pick up?
    Answer: SpyDefy has high sensitivity can easily detect CDMA, 2G, 3G, 4G signals. It can also detect GPS signals in case they have been planted in your car or on your clothes, bags, shoes, etc.
  • Question 3: Should I carry this to hotel rooms?
    Answer: YES! This device is the perfect tool to detect planted bugs, cameras, and listening devices inside hotel rooms or changing rooms, even the workplace. If you think you’ve been bugged, this is your golden ticket to justice.
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