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SportSplash Inflatable Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops


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Play In The Pool With The Best Inflatable Pool Games Set!

  • The pool set comes with an inflatable basketball and a volleyball set.
  • The floaties are made with top notch materials to prevent it from wear and tear.
  • The beach balls that come along with this set is what one loves the most.
Get This Full Family Outdoor Game And Spend Quality Time
  • Use it in the pool or a beach - easy to deflect and carry.
  • Comes with a repair kit to quickly rectify all the damage.
  • Inflator given with the set to have a hassle-free inflation.

1+ 1

Net + Hoop

1+ 1

Volleyball + Basketball


x28”x35” Product Dimensions

2-in-1 Game

Does Not Fade

Safe And Fun

Holistic Development

Inflatable & Easy To Set Up

SportSplash is an inflatable set of games that you can easily set up for pool events. It comes with an inflator pump.


The product is made of durable high-grade raft material to increase product life for long-lasting fun.

Powerful Inflator

SportSplash comes with a powerful inflator that helps you set up the float and get it ready for action in no time.

Inflatable pool games float set for kids and adults

  • A Complete Family Pool Game - Amazing quality pool float game set that can make a great pool day for both adults and kids. It is ideal for the swimming pool of your house and also the swimming pools in your locality or any clubs.
  • Two Games In One Set - You get to have a basketball match or even a volleyball match with the same pool set. The set has a basketball hoop and a beach ball designed like basketball. It also has a volleyball net with a beach ball designed like a volleyball.
  • Fits Your Pool Perfectly - The volleyball net comes with straps that can be useful for you to fit it into your pool perfectly. These inflated sets are held in place by weighing bad that come along with this set.
  • Floaties Come With A Repair Kit And An Inflator - The inflatable float set is easy to inflate, deflate, carry and store. To make things easy for you, this set comes with an inflator and a repair kit so that no wear and tear stops and spoils your game.
  • Highly Durable - The float set is brightly colored to look at its best in your pool. They are made of high-grade PVC material that does not easily fall prey of wear and tear. It is leak proof and waterproof too.
  • Packaging dimensions - 13.11 X 11.8 X 4.4 inches
  • Item weight - 5.34 pounds
  • Number of items - 1 net, 1 hoop 1 basketball, 1 volleyball, 1 inflator, 2 weigh bags
  • Durability - Highly Durable
  • Material Used - PVC
  • Question 1: Does not the float set float and move in the pool?
    Answer: The inflatable float sets float on the pool but the weight bags that come along with the pool game set keeps it intact on the water and does not let it move from its place.
  • Question 2: Is it toxic to be used in the pool?
    Answer:Not at all. The float set that you buy from Sportsplash is an amazing play set for the pool and it is a great choice for kids and is completely safe.
  • Question 2: Who can play with this pool float set?
    Answer:The inflatable pool set is made keeping in mind kids and adults who know swimming. If your kid does not know how to swim. You can use it in your backyard to have a land basketball or a volleyball match.
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