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Solace 4 in 1 Foot Spa Massager Set



A complete Foot Spa at Home

Give your feet the happiness they deserve
  • Foot spa
  • Pedicure
  • Massage
The ultimate ‘solace’ for your tired feet
  • Heating function
  • 4 Removable massage rollers
  • Bubble function
  • Attached pumice stone
  • Tea tree foot soak


Foot Spa Modes


Fits up to 14 Foot Size


Water-proof Body




Efficient design

3 in 1 Foot Spa

Its 3 in 1 function allows you to enjoy 3 different modes and its specially designed massage rollers massage the acupuncture points of your feet.

User-Friendly Controls

Solace has user-friendly controls that help in maintaining the temperature set-tings to provide you with a comfortable experience.

Efficient & Practical Design

Solace's unique design gives it a fashion-able look and provides you with a com-plete salon-like hassle-free experience at your home

Solace Foot Spa Massager

  • 3 IN 1 FOOT MASSAGER & FOOT SPA – Solace is an intelligent foot massager machine that helps you enjoy a relaxing spa-like experience at home. The foot massager comes with an intelligent control panel that comes with three spa functions: Heating, Bubble, Vibration and adjustable temperature settings. Enjoy a heated foot bath with the heating function.
  • FOOT MASSAGER MACHINE FOR STRESS RELIEF - Solace Foot Spa Massager’s unique heating function, bubble bath feature, and removable massage rollers provides you with multiple foot spa and massage benefits that help improve blood circulation, reduce stress, help relieve foot ache, stiffness, inflammation and soreness, aid good sleep cycle, disinfect and soften feet by removing dead skin cells, etc.
  • FOOT SOAK AND SALT COMPATIBLE – Solace is specially designed to make it foot soak and salt compatible. Its unique design makes it an effective professional foot care too that is completely portable and easy to clean. The foot massager also comes with a complimentary foot soak and salt which provides a better foot spa experience and helps revive your feet back to life.
  • HEAT THERAPY WITH A HEATED FOOT BATH – With Solace you can get a heated foot bath at your home. You can turn on the temperature settings using the panel and turn it off once the water reached the required temperature. The heat from the foot bath helps deknot your foot muscles and ligaments
  • EFFICIENT DESIGN- Its large size lets your feet fit comfortably (up to foot size 14) while its efficient design prevents any water spill and water splashes. Its specially designed massage wheel and non-slip rubber foot stand are placed conveniently to massage your feet while you enjoy your heated foot bath.
  • ABS plastic splash cover-cum-shelf for minimizing the area of splashed water and keeping spa products.
  • Tea tree foot soak kills bacteria and germs, removing bad odor and signs of skin infections
  • Built-in pumice stone
  • Dual infrared heating lights
  • Product dimensions: 40x35x21cm
  • Product weight: 5.51lbs
  • Question 1: What are the benefits of a foot spa?
    • good and professional foot massage should help you:
    • Alleviate soreness and stiffness of feet
    • Reduce headaches
    • Reduce depression and anxiety
    • Improve circulation
    • Improve feet’s skin quality
    • Combat PMS Symptoms
    • Insomnia
    • Arthritis
    • In some cases, foot spas also have shown to help deal with flat feet. Getting weekly foot spas or daily hot foot soaks help your entire body to recover at a steady pace.
  • Question 2: Are the massage rollers removable?
    Answer:Yes, the four massage rollers are completely removable and are designed that way to help ease the cleaning process. To dislodge the rollers, stick something underneath it and tug upwards. The roller will come off. Carefully take them out after emptying the tub and put them back in after cleaning the tub.
  • Question 3:What ideally should be the user’s age?
    Answer:Solace foot massager comes with a splash-proof semi cover, a waterproof-tub, it is slip-proof and very easy to use. But the ideal age to use this product is from 10years to 80years. Children, individuals with different abilities and elders should use this product under supervision.
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