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SiphonIt Portable Vacuum Pool Cleaner



Quick and easy, intelligent pool cleaning using basic science

  • Specially designed cleaning head
  • Venturi effect using garden hose
  • Extended reach for convenient cleaning
Clean any above ground pool with Siphonit:
  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Easy To Store
  • Smart Design


Chlorine Dispenser


Filter Bag


Layered Filtration

Telescopic Pole

No Pump Required

With Chlorine Dispenser

Above Ground Pools

Inflatable Pools

Chlorine Dispenser

The pool cleaner includes a chlorine dispenser to make the pool water cleaner and germs free.

Double-Layered Filter Bag

It has a double-layered filter bag to catch the smallest of debris off the pool floor.

Non-Electric Hassle-Free Use

It does not need an electrical source to work as it uses the venturi effect to create a suction and suck out all the dust and dirt.

Detachable Telescopic Pole

It is efficiently designed to clean above ground pools as it includes a detachable telescopic pole for convenient use and easy storage.

Underwater Jet Swimming Pool Cleaner With Chlorine Dispenser

  • UNDERWATER VACUUM CLEANER FOR POOLS: SiphonIt is ideal for cleaning above ground pools. It is something that you need to have if you have a house pool or own an inflatable pool and want your cleaning process to be hassle-free. It is an easy-to-setup pool cleaner that helps you clean the pool floor in no time.
  • EFFICIENT SWIMMING POOL CLEANER FOR HOME: SiphonIt helps you clean your pool in no time. Its efficient cleaning system helps you clean off all the dust and dirt as it sucks off even small debris like stones, dirt, and small toys and leaves. It is an ideal pool cleaner for home pools, inflatable pool, backyard pool, above ground pools, and spas.
  • NO ELECTRIC POWER REQUIRED: SiphonIt is an intelligent pool cleaner that does not require any power source or an electric pump for its operation. It simply uses the water pressure from your garden hose to create a suction force strong enough to clean all the dust and dirt off the pool floor, using the venturi effect.
  • INCLUDES CHLORINE DISPENSER: To ensure that your pool is clean and has no bacterial growth or germs, it comes with a chlorine dispenser to ensure that the pool water is safe hygienic.
  • DOUBLE LAYERED FILTRATION BAG: SiphonIt comes with a double-layered filtration bag to ensure that it can catch all the dust and dirt off the pool floor. It also includes a detachable telescopic pole to make the storage process more manageable.
  • Pole Size: 4 Feet Pole
  • Package Dimensions: 13.11 x 10.12 x 2.99 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.17 pounds
  • INCLUDES: Filtration Bag
    • Instructions:
    • Assemble the vacuum cleaner
    • Connect it to your garden hose.
    • The water pressure from the hose will create a venturi effect.
    • Debris will get collected into the vacuum’s collection bag.
    • Pump-Filter Circulation system: Not Required
    • Electric Power Source: Not Required
  • Question 1: Do we have to attach a pump separately?
    Answer:No, it does not need an electric pump. You simply need to attach the garden hose to the pool cleaner to create a suction force as the pool cleaner sucks off the pool dirt off the pool floor using a venturi effect.
  • Question 2:Is the filtration bag detachable?
    Answer: Yes, the double-layered filtration bag is detachable. It is designed like that to ensure easy cleaning.
  • Question 3: How long is the pool cleaner?
    Answer: The pool cleaner has a 4 ft long detachable telescopic pole.
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