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Shower Steamers Scented Bomb

  • RELAX AND REVITALIZE after a grueling day with our aromatherapy shower steamers. Water-activated shower bombs immerse you in the heady scents of stress-relieving essential oils.
  • 6 INTOXICATING SCENTS include eucalyptus, vanilla, peppermint, lavender, grapefruit and rose. These rejuvenating aromas wash stress down the drain and transport you to your place of zen.
  • EASY-TO-USE shower fizzy tablets are activated by the hot steam of your shower. Simply unwrap a 1-oz vapor bath bomb, place it on the shower floor and allow 60-90 seconds for it to fill your shower with relaxing aroma.
  • CLEAN-DISSOLVING shower steamers are harmless to plumbing and leave a pleasant scent lingering in your bathroom after use. Pamper yourself physically and mentally with a safe, non-toxic bath bomb for relaxation.
  • TASTEFULLY PACKAGED in a chic gift box, Viebeauti Shower Steamers are ideal gifts for women and men. Treat your mother, wife, husband or even your child’s teacher to a thoughtful stress relief gift.