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Scoria Rodent Control

MDX Concepts

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Scoria Pest Control Pouch

Pest visit you after pest control? Try something different!
  • Pest repellent pouches for a long lasting pest control experience
  • They can even replace your air fresheners.
  • Each pouch goes for more than a month.
The pouches can be placed in wardrobes, rooms and even cars.
  • Each pouch has pest repellent ingredients made of natural oils.
  • Safe for kids and pests
  • You can have a no-contact pest control.
Peppermint Oil
Cinnamon Oil
Spearmint Oil



Long-lasting effect

Durable Product

Natural Ingredients

Synthetic Pesticides are pyrethoids based while our products are made of 100% plant derived, naturally sourced essential oils which create a pleasant fragrance for you to sit back and relax in.

Child and Pet Safe:

Due to its organic nature, the lice killer spray is safe to use everywhere in your house, even around your children and pets excluding the contact of the spray with the body.

Safe and Non-Toxic

Conventional Synthetic Pesticides are not always target specific; they can also cause harm to non target organisms like pets. Our products are carefully devised with the idea of being safe and friendly around pets as well as humans

About MDX Concepts

Our goal at MDX Concepts is to reduce and eventually, eliminate the damage caused by synthetic pesticides / insecticides. We owe pest free victory to the quality tested products, supportive staff and all of you.

This effective rodent control method is the best way to combat the rodent infestation at your home or garden.

  • EASY TO USE RAT CONTROL POUCH: Scoria is the perfect household pest control in a pouch. All you have to do is place it in your home/ office area where rats hide away and the strong peppermint scent will drive out the pesky rodents and other pests in little to no time. It works quickly and leaves your space rodent-free.
  • 100% NATURAL RODENT REPELLENT: This natural pest control pouch for households is made from the goodness of 100% naturally derived ingredients such as peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, and cedarwood essential oils. These oils are all pest control agents that emit strong and pungent odors that pests cannot tolerate.
  • NON-TOXIC PEST CONTROL POUCH: Scoria has 12 household pest control pouches made from 100% naturally derived ingredients and completely non-toxic. Chemical agents are not present in these professional rodent control pouches. It is a safe and effective way to repel rats from your home, office, restaurants, warehouses, etc.
  • GARDEN MICE CONTROL POUCH: The household pest control pouches from MDX Concepts work well even in the yard or garden area. It is perfect for eradicating pests and rodents from the garden. Just leave the pouches in the hidden places, especially near messy zones. The mice will be gone very quickly without hassle.
  • PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: Compared to the messy rodent control sprays and rat traps, these rat control pouches work at a professional level to repel rodents and pests from your home. These pouches are portable, easy to carry, and you can also take them with you on your camping trips to remain rodent-free outside the house too!
  • Includes: 12 rodent control pouches
  • Active Ingredients: Peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, and cedarwood essential oils.
  • Features: 100% naturally derived, toxic, and chemical-free, indoor & outdoor pest control, portable and lightweight.
  • Scent: Peppermin
  • Question 1: Do I have to pierce the pouch?
    Answer:No, you don’t have to do that; just leave the pouch in the areas where you think pests are invading. The smell is strong enough to repel rodents and pests without being pierced.
  • Question 2:I have a restaurant, and I spotted a rat! Can I use it in the kitchen?
    Answer:Yes, it is perfectly safe to use in the kitchen. Make sure you do not pierce the pouch or tear it. Just leave it in multiple places in the restaurant, and the rat/s will leave you and your diners alone for good! It comes in a box of 12, so you’re sorted for a long time!
  • Question 3:Does it repel spiders?
    Answer:Yes, it does. The pungent mint smell is an irritant to a large number of pests, spiders included.
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