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Samite IPL Hair Remover



Hair Removal Treatments Need Not Be Painful

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Painless
  • No Side Effects
Ditch the painful hair removal treatments and opt for a smoother experience with Samite
  • Auto Mode
  • Manual Mode For Ultimate Control
  • Auto Shut Down For Safety


different modes


Light intensity settings




Safe and Painless

Long-lasting effect

Durable Product

Get rid of persistent unwanted hair on the upper lip, jawline, and cheeks permanently.Place the device on the prepped (shaved) area you want to treat, press the activation button to flash.

Shave any visible hair from your underarms before using the device. Firmly press SamiteIPL Hair Remover against the skin under your arms and when you are ready keep pressing the activation/flash button and drag the device across the area to be treated.

Simply place Samite on the pre-prepped area you want to treat, press the flash button once the product is placed perpendicular against your skin. Move the device to the next area and repeat.

Painless Laser Therapy for Body Hair for Smooth and Healthy Skin.

  • Painless Laser Treatment: Hair Removal Treatments need not always be painful. With Garatic’s Samite, enjoy a painless and safe permanent laser hair removal treatment at home. It is a painless hair removal treatment that gets the job done without any harmful side effects, which you would have to experience with other hair removal methods.
  • IPL Technology: Equipped with advanced Intense Pulsed Light Technology, Samite ensures safe and painless hair removal treatment. The laser light painlessly shrinks the hair follicles under your skin with light and heat, gradually reducing hair regeneration and thus accelerating the hair fall process.
  • Dual setting: We know how different our body areas are and how sensitive certain areas can be. To ensure a safe hair removal treatment, it comes with dual modes. The auto mode or slide mode removes hair from large areas of the body like the stomach, back, arms, and legs. The manual mode or flash mode ensures controlled laser projection and is perfect for smaller areas of the body like lips, face, armpits, fingers, or bikini lines.
  • 5 light intensity settings: To ensure safe usage, Samite comes with 5 light intensity settings that allow you to adapt to all body types and make sure that you enjoy a painless hair removal treatment without any side effects.
  • Safe & Painless Hair Removal Treatment: It is designed to ensure that the laser doesn't hurt our customers at any point in time. Hence we have designed it in such a manner that it shuts off automatically once it leaves the skin.
  • Manufacturer: Garatic
  • Package Dimension: 12.3 x 10 x 3.6 inches; 2.3 Pounds
  • Question 1:Can I remove hair from the upper lip?
    Answer: Yes, you can. Try to use the manual mode for such precise laser hair removal treatment.
  • Question 2: Are there any side effects?
    Answer: No, the laser hair removal treatment will be absolutely painless and will leave you with no side effects.
  • Question 3:Will the laser hair removal treatment leave me with bruises?
    Answer: No, bruising or scarring won't be an issue with Samite.
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