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Ragno Spider Repellent Peppermint Oil Spray

MDX Concepts

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Spider Repellent Spray

Let the spiders spook you no more! Get the Spiderent Deterrent Spray home.
  • Pest control spray prepared to keep spiders away.
  • Composed of natural essential oils.
  • Leaves no stains on walls, window sills, curtains and furniture.
Let the trick of hazelnut hells remain in fairytales.
  • Safe for cats, dogs and children at home.
  • Can be used for indoors and outdoors too.
  • Quick and effective spider repellent action.
Peppermint Oil
Spearmint Oil

Stainless spray

Effective action

Peppermint fragrance

Spider deterrent

Naturally Derived Active Ingredients

Including the goodness of essential oils such as peppermint, spearmint, and lemongrass, Ragno is 100% naturally derived & safe.

Child & Pet Friendly

Our product is 100% child as well as pet safe. Don't think twice before using this spray inside every nook and corner of your home!

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Ragno Spider Repellent Spray is effective both inside your household as well as outside in the garden spaces or balcony.

Pest Control Spray To Repel Spiders

  • Repels all kinds of spiders - The spider repellent spray is made keeping in mind spiders and spiders only. They repel spiders of all shapes, forms and sizes. They have the ability to chase out these arachnids out of your home.
  • For indoor and outdoor use - The spider repellent spray can be used to repel the spiders in the indoor spaces and the outdoor spaces of your house. They are weather tolerant and effective when you use it in your backyard and gardens.
  • Naturally composed - The spider repellent spray is free from chemicals and hazardous substances. It is naturally composed and has essential oils like that of peppermint, spearmint and lavender that are very good spider repellents. They have a pleasant odor and have zero side effects on kids, adults and pets.
  • Stainless - Spray and do not worry. The spider repellent spray will not be leaving behind any sort of marks and stains on the furniture and walls of our house. They are completely stainless and effective.
  • Pleasing aroma - The composition of the outdoor spray leaves behind a pleasing aroma of the peppermint, spearmint and the lavender oil. The aromas help in keeping the air in the room fresh and pure.
  • For outdoor and indoor use
  • Stainless on walls and harmless for humans
  • FDA Approved
  • Tried and tested spider repellent
  • Contains oils of peppermint, lavender and spearmint.
  • Question 1: Is it safe to be used around cats?
    Answer: The spider repellent spray is composed of natural oils and inert ingredients.They are completely safe for kids and pets.
  • Question 2:How long does the effect of the spray remain?
    Answer: The spider repellent spray is very effective both in indoor and outdoor areas of your house. You need to spray it inside the house at least once in two weeks and outside the house in your garden for at least one week.
  • Question 3: Does it kill spiders?
    Answer: This is a repellent spray and performs its repellent action amazingly. It does not kill the spiders, but the aroma of the natural oils in the spray gets rid of the spiders and repels them so that they do not come into your space again.
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