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Promusc Massager Gun



Promusc Muscle Massager

Bid Goodbye To Muscle And Joint Pain Permanently
  • Easy-to-use massager gun for a self-massage
  • Comes with a comfortable handle.
  • Detachable massager heads that can be fixed to the body.
Cures all kinds of muscle pain and strain.
  • Best deep therapy massage given.
  • Has no ill-effects
  • Handy for athletes and gym enthusiasts.

2 in 1

Operational Speed


Detachable massager heads


Brushless high-torque motor

Deep tissue massage therapy

Cures pain and muscle strain

Curbs arthritis pain

Easy to use

Ball-shaped massage head For Bulk muscle groups like waist and buttocks.

Point shaped massage head for Relief from deep tissue damage.

The Fork shaped massage head provides Relief from neck pain and spine aches.

Best Deep Tissue Full Body Massager

  • Best Full Body Massager Gun - The Promusc Massager Gun is the best full body massager that you can ever get. The massager works wonders on the whole body because it comes with an easy-to-hold handle and different detachable massager heads to give you the best massage.
  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapy - When you use this massager on your body, it improves your blood circulation, detoxifies your body, boosts the oxygen supply for your cells and heals all the pain and strain. This is the best spa-like deep tissue massage therapy that you can try.
  • Different Massage Modes - The body of the massager gun comes with different vibration and massage modes. With this, you can adjust the vibration levels and speed, and have a massage according to your need.
  • Noiseless - The motors that come in the massager gun make no noise at all. This does not give you a headache when you are having a good massage therapy. This high torque motor produces a noise of only 45 decibels.
  • Portable and rechargeable - The massager is easy to carry and you can travel with it too. It is rechargeable and the battery lasts up to 6 hours - working efficiently.
  • Package Dimensions: 13.3 x 9.8 x 4.4 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.8 Pounds including the package and product
  • Material: Durable & Long-Lasting. Heat resistant and fire-proof.
  • Features: Handheld, 6 hours battery life, portable, low noise level, high-quality battery, and high-torque engine
  • Recommended for athletes, gym enthusiasts and older men and women.
  • Question 1: How often do you use this massage gun?
    Answer: You can use the massager gun as many times you want. It just gives a nourishing massage. Keep in mind that you should not keep the massager stationary in one place for more time. Keep moving it along your body.
  • Question 2: Is it better to use after applying a pain-relief oil?
    Answer:You can use a pain relief gel or oil and then use the massager gun on it. It works more effectively and gives immediate pain relief.
  • Question 3: Can I use it on my calf muscles?
    Answer: You can use it on any part of your body including your calf muscles. Just make sure that you pick the right detachable massager head for it.
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