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Primane Beard Straightener for Men



Men’s Beard & Hair Straightener

The Primane is one of the best bread straightening tools meant for every beard:
  • Acts as a beard straightener and a comb
  • Even heat distribution all over the comb
  • Heats up in only 60 seconds
  • Comes with a nourishing and moisturizing beard balm
Get the beard of your dreams with Primane; here are some extra benefits:
  • Precision styling and combing
  • Makes the beard look voluminous
  • 180-200 degree temperature bandwidth
  • Easy to use and flexible brush


Rotatable Head


Second Heating


Comb and Straightener

Insulated ceramic layers

No heat damage

5-minute styling

Nourishing beard balm


It lets the user style his hair and beard whichever way he wants without expert help at home. It also allows for instant styling so that the user can groom himself whenever required.


The Negative Ion Generation Technology allows for rapid and even distribution of heat throughout the beard to prevent damage due to overheating. It also helps in keeping the beard smooth and hydrated.


It has a number of amazing user-friendly features, as well as a minimalistically designed and attractive build. Such features make it a worthwhile and useful gift option for men for all occasions.

Professional Men’s Beard & Grooming Accessories

  • 2-in-1 PROFESSIONAL BEARD STRAIGHTENER & COMB: Primane Beard Straightener acts as a men’s beard straightening tool and a comb, making it a useful grooming tool. You can straighten your beard, comb/ style it to precision with this smart and sleek tool. It makes your beard look tamed, lush, and voluminous.
  • INSULATED CERAMIC LAYERS: This beard straightener and brush has uniquely designed bristles on insulated ceramic layers for equal heat distribution. It does not cause any form of heat damage to your hair or skin. Primane has Ceramic Tourmaline Technology that does not cause skin burns, especially while styling close to the roots.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAT: Primane beard straightener comes with an adjustable heat feature- perfect for every type and beard need. This Beard Straightener Brush & Comb has two temperature settings. The high-temperature setting of around 200° Celsius is suitable for rough and thick hair, while the lower 180° temperature is ideal for thin and smooth hair.
  • EASY TO USE PROFESSIONAL STRAIGHTENER: Primane beard brush and straightener is super easy to use. It has quick heating functions that heat the device within 60 seconds. It takes you less than 5 minutes to finish styling, and the 360° rotatable power cord lets you style your beard without a care in the world.
  • BEARD BALM INCLUDED: This beard straightener comes with a nourishing and luxurious beard balm that you can apply to your mane tamed throughout the day. After styling your beard, apply a small amount of beard balm onto the beard and the skin to keep the hair lush and hydrated. It keeps your beard smooth, shiny, and glossy.
  • Package Dimensions: 10.63 x 3.19 x 2.05 inches
  • Package Weight: 8.47 Ounces
  • Material: Durable, Portable, & Lightweight
  • Features: Temperature control, insulated ceramic plate, even heat distribution, and 360° rotatable power cord.
  • Includes: Beard Balm
  • Question 1: When do I apply beard balm?
    Answer: It is best to apply the balm after styling/ straightening. This keeps the beard in the way you set it throughout the day. This beard oil is ultra-lush and will keep your mane nourished.
  • Question 2: Can I use it when the beard is wet/ damp?
    Answer:No. It is not the best thing for a heated beard straightener to contact wet hair. It is possible, but the results are more long-lasting and safer with dry hair.
  • Question 3: Is there an ideal temperature setting for thick and long beards?
    Answer:Primane has two temperature settings: soft/short hair at 180℃ and other for long, thick, and curly hair, which works at a higher temperature of about 200℃. The second setting will work best for gruff and thicker beards.
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