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Playdoor Kids Indoor & Outdoor Crawl Tent



Fun & Engaging Kids Tunnel Set For Your Kid & His Friends

  • Fun Activity For Kids
  • Engaging Indoor Activity
  • Engaging Outdoor Activity
Give Your Kids A Reason To Get Off The Couch With PlayDoor!:
  • Multiple Kids Can Play Simultaneously
  • Child-Safe Polyester
  • Child-Safe Polyester







Includes Compact Bag



Long Lasting

Indoor and Outdoor Toy

Playdoor is an easy to set-up, portable toy suited for indoor and outdoor use, whether it is your living room or a family picnic in the park.

Compact Storage Bag

This tunnel, tent, and ball pit game comes with an incredible easy-to-store and compact bag, making the toy portable, travel-friendly, and a delight to store

Perfect Birthday Gift

Whether you're hosting a party with the Playdoor or giving one to a friend, this toy is the perfect birthday party buddy in every child's life!

PlayDoor Tunnel Set

  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR TODDLER PLAY TENT: Want to give your kids ample things to play with outdoors? Playdoor Tunnel Set is a fun game for kids and toddlers. It happens to be a fun toy set that you can install outside and give them a reason to get out of the couch and step outside to stay active. What’s more, you can also install it indoors and have your kids have fun inside your house in your kid’s play area. It is a portable tent cum toy set, making it an excellent toy that you can carry along with you on your picnic trips or to the children’s park so that your kid can enjoy this toy with his friends.
  • DURABLE & CHILD SAFE TUNNEL PLAYSET: We know how cautious you have to be when you are letting your kids play an active game. But remaining cautious or keeping a watchful eye always doesn't help as your kid can still get exposed to harmful materials, synthetic fibers, and toys with choking hazards. To ensure your kid’s safety, this kids tent and tunnel playset is made from a well-treated child-safe polyester. It does not eliminate other safety concerns, but also makes the tent extremely manageable. Its fiber makes the play tent foldable, making it all the more portable. When maintained as per instructions, the product is highly durable and lasts longer, ensuring your child’s smile for a long time.
  • EASY TO STORE: With no sharp edges or choking hazards in place, you do not have to worry about putting your kids at risk. PlayDoor comes with a compact bag. With a design specially made to make the product easy for storage and setup, Playdoor is a convenient toy for the parents as it is easy to store as well. The compact bag takes away issues like storage as it makes a large product like tunnel and toy playset storage-friendly and even easy to carry. This means that on your next trip to a family party or beach, you can carry it along to let your kid have fun with his friends.
  • EXCITING BIRTHDAY GIFT FOR KIDS: If you are planning to host a party for your kid’s friends, an engaging toy set is a must. Bring in PlayDoor to your party and enjoy the sight of all the children giggling and having fun without worrying about the kids injuring themselves or hurting themselves. This toy set will be the star of your party as it is a fun and engaging outdoor game where all the kids can have fun together. Moreover, it is affordable- making it a perfect gift for kids on their birthdays or special events.
  • ENGAGING KIDS TOY: If you want to see your kids have a great time with an engaging outdoor activity, Playdoor is your best option. It is fun and engaging. It lets your kid spend ample time with themselves and frees up their parents from having to keep an eye on them, and allows them to do their daily work instead of babysitting. It also creates an ambiance for you to bond with your kids, making it an absolute stress reliever as you get to enjoy a fun time with your kids.
  • Includes: Compact Bag
  • Suitable for: Age Group 3 to 8 years
  • Indoor Use: Yes
  • Outdoor Use: Yes
  • Toy set Includes: 2 Tents, 1 Tunnel, 1 BallPit
  • Question 1:What is it made of?
    Answer: To ensure your kid’s safety, this toy set is made from a well-treated child-safe polyester.
  • Question 2: What does the package include?
    Answer: When I bought this package last week, I received the toy set along with a compact bag. The toy set included 2 Tents, 1 Tunnel, and 1 BallPit.
  • Question 3:Can I carry it to the park?
    Answer:Yes, it is portable, and you can carry it anywhere.