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Pet Couch Protector



  • Usable with different types of furniture stickers: The furniture protector can be used on a variety of surfaces such as mattresses, sofas, car seats, upholstery, etc. You can stick the sheet on the surface where your pet is more likely to damage by scratching.
  • Protects furniture from scratches: The dogs, pets can cause irreplaceable damage to the furniture. The furniture protector guards furniture against such damages. The sheet is sharp enough to withstand the scratch and protect the underlying material.
  • Easy to apply: The applying of a sheet to the furniture or any surface is straightforward. It takes only a few minutes to do that. Since the sheets are self-adhesive, it can be neatly applied without any hassle.
  • Do not hamper the furniture's beauty: The sheets are completely transparent and protect the furniture without making it look bad. The furniture does not lose its appeal and while being guarded.
  • Durable sheets and non-toxic: The sheets are made of non-toxic Premium vinyl, which doesn't affect the health or cause discomfort in any way. The sheets are durable and resist the damage caused by pets.