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Paninoh Panini Press Grill



6-in-1 Multi-purpose Panini Sandwich Press comes with molds that are

  • Detachable
  • Non-stick
  • Dishwasher-proof
Plus, the mini Panini Press endorses
  • Dual-side heating
  • Adjustable cooking temperature
  • Easy cooking of all types of meats and vegetables
  • Recipe book & Food-grade tongs


Working power


Mold styles


Working voltage

Instant recipes



Portable & light

Double-Sided Heating Grill

Paninoh! is a 750W powered sandwich press with a double-sided efficient even heating grid on both sides for a perfectly toasted sandwich.

6 mold plates

A grill mold for every mood. Waffles for breakfast or grilled steak for lunch, this grill has 6 mold plates for you to cook a variety of grilled delicacies.

Easy to Clean & Store

Take a damp, wet cloth and wipe off any residue or fill from the heating plates and use a dry paper towel to finish your cleaning thoroughly.

Paninoh! Electric Panini Grill Press

  • INDOOR GRILL AND SANDWICH PRESS: This powerful 6-in-1 mini grill and sandwich press is an ideal choice for creating easy but delectably delicious DIY recipes and snacks. Make quick breakfasts, brunches, lunches, appetizers, and grill streaks like a boss with Paninoh.
  • 6-IN-1 DETACHABLE MOLDS: Let your imagination and creativity also be imprinted on the amazing dishes you’ll cook up! As one of the most versatile indoor grills and sandwich presses, Paninoh endorses 6 pairs of detachable non-stick molds that can make easy grilled sandwiches and doughnuts, waffles, eggs, meatballs, and more.
  • COOKED TO PERFECTION: Superfast cooking without leaving any part of your meat or steak raw. With Adjustable cooking temperature, the portable Paninoh sandwich press and grill come with a dual heating core that cooks your food to perfection from both sides in under mere minutes. An insulated handle ensures that you don’t feel the heat while your food cooks.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Easy to operate and easy to clean, the molds are 100% dishwasher-proof. You can also wash it under the sink. Being non-stick, no food unless burnt will get stuck to these plates, making the cleaning ritual easy.
  • FOOD GRADE TONGS: The indoor sandwich press and grill comes with a pair of food-grade tongs for easy handling of your meal. Serve Doughnuts and waffles hot from the press itself with the help of these handy tongs. These tongs are also very easy to clean.
  • Working voltage: 220-240V
  • Working frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Working power: 750W
  • Product dimension: 27x15x33cm
  • Product weight: 5.06lbs
  • Question 1: How do you use a panini press?
    Answer: It’s pretty easy to use this appliance. It is ideal for indoor DIY recipe ideas like making sandwiches, eggs, frying bacon, grilling patties and steak, grilling vegetables, making french toast, waffles, etc. All you need to do is plug this portable panini maker into a standard electrical outlet. Switch on the power button, open up the lid to oil, and change the grill molds if needed. After preheating for a few seconds, you can place the raw food inside to be cooked, and after closing the lid, it will cook from both sides thanks to its both-side cooking feature. Your food should get ready in the next 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the ingredients and thickness.
  • Question 2: Do you need to spray a panini press?
    Answer: Yes, even though all the molds are non-stick, it is advised to spray oil or butter-up the molds when cooking foods that don’t have enough fats to enable a smooth cooking process. This panini maker will heat from both sides of the press for a faster cooking process, and thus, a little oil is advised to be sprayed to compensate for the heat that is being applied uniformly.
  • Question 3: How long do you use the panini press?
    Answer: That depends entirely on the thickness and type of raw ingredients that you use for the dish you’re making. But thanks to its dual-sided heating coil, delicious food will be on your plates in the next 1 to 4 minutes. Read the instruction manual for more recipe ideas.
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