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Oust Bed Bug Killer


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Specially designed concoction of naturally derived ingredients to solve your bed bug problems

  • 100% Naturally Derived Ingredients
  • Effective Against Bed Bugs
  • Peppermint Scented For Increased Effectiveness
  • Prevents & Controls Bed Bug Infestation
  • Instantly Repels Bed Bugs
Oust Bed Bug Spray is one of its kind as it also is:
  • Child-Safe Pest Spray
  • Pet Friendly Pest Spray
  • Quick Action Formula
  • Toxic Chemical Free


Peppermint Oil


Rosemary Oil


Spearmint Oi

Easy To Use & Apply

Plant-Based Formula

Effective Bed Bug Control Solution

Bed Bug Repellent

Devoid of any HARMFUL Chemicals

Oust uses naturally derived ingredients (Peppermint oil+Spearmint oil) that eradicate bed bugs permanently.

All-round Protection at HOME

Exterminate persistent bedbugs from every fold and fabric, from your bedding, upholsteries & apparel.

PEPPERMINT-scented Bedbug Killer

Unlike synthetic exterminators, Oust anti-bed bug spray doesn't contain pungent odor, rather it has a 'minty' after-taste.

All Natural Non-Toxic Bed Bug Spray

  • ALL NATURAL BED BUG SPRAY: Gift your family a good night’s sleep, free from the bed bug bites and rashes that come along with it by using Oust bug spray. Oust offers you a safe and hygienic lifestyle, free from pests without introducing you or your family to toxic pesticides and chemicals.
  • NATURAL BED BUG SPRAY: Using natural products to deal with pests as bed bugs have never been 100% effective. With the right natural ingredients, Oust has an effective concoction that ensures you have a bedbug-free home.
  • BED BUG REPELLENT & DETERRENT: Oust protects your family from bed bugs and other bugs. If you are already facing a bedbug infestation, it can help you control it and eradicate it as it is an effective bed bug repellent and deterrent. It also acts as an effective infestation prevention spray that prevents the infestation from coming back.
  • CHILD SAFE & PET FRIENDLY: With Oust, you do not have to worry about exposing your family to synthetic insecticides and chemicals as it uses naturally derived ingredients to make it suitable for use in a domestic environment. This makes Oust a child-safe and pet-friendly product.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY BUG REPELLENT: Oust lacks added chemicals and synthetic pesticides and insecticides that would have otherwise made it toxic and unsuitable for domestic use. The natural ingredients present in Oust that causes the bug repellant effective and safe at the same time.
  • Features: Non-toxic, 100% natural, and child & pet-safe
  • Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 2.7 x 2.6 inches
  • Package Weight: 1.05 pounds
    • Material: Lightweight & Durable
    • Peppermint Oil 3%
    • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 2%
    • Spearmint Oil 1%
    • Cinnamon Oil 0.04%
    • Inert Ingredients 93.6%
  • Question 1:Does it have a strong odor?
    Answer: Oust is made from natural ingredients and has a mild scent of nature. Moreover, it is peppermint scented to make it much more effective.
  • Question 2: Can I use it on my furniture?
    Answer: Yes, you can use it on your furniture, walls, bed, windows, and linen. It is a non-staining bed bug spray, thus ensuring hassle-free usage.
  • Question 3:How often do I have to use it as a preventive measure?
    Answer: Your usage requirements will depend on the infestation scale and how much your house is exposed to bed bugs. I would recommend twice a month if your locality is seeing a rise in bed bug infestation.
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