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Muscle Massage Gun



  • POWERFUL MUSCLE BODY MASSAGER GUN: Quenity Massage Gun is a powerful muscle massager for your body. It helps to improve blood circulation, releases lactic acid, eases stiff and sore muscles, back, leg, arms, and any part of your body. This hand-held massager can be used by athletes or non-athletes alike.
  • DETACHABLE MASSAGER HEADS WITH ADJUSTABLE SPEEDS: The Quenity Body Massager comes with removable massager heads with various adjustable intensity and speed levels. Use the corresponding massager head for the right body part to get professional muscle therapy at-home.
  • PORTABLE & HANDHELD MASSAGE GUN: This body massager gun is a handheld, portable muscle massage therapy. It comes with a compact travel case so you can use it at work, gym, or when you travel. This body massager gives you a deep-tissue massage. It gets rid of aches and pains very quickly.
  • NOISELESS & POWERFUL BODY MASSAGER: Quantity Muscle Massager Gun is a therapy device that gives you a deep tissue massage and rejuvenates your muscles. This body massager has a low-noise and high-torque motor with 45 dB noise levels. It is the latest noise reduction technology and gives you 3,500 percussions per minute.
  • RECHARGEABLE SMART MUSCLE MASSAGER: This massager gun is cordless and hand-held. It has an inbuilt high-torque motor with a 2600mAh high-quality lithium battery giving you 3-6 hours of battery life after it is fully charged. You don’t have to worry about sudden power outages. Ensure the first charge is longer than the others.