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MoonScan Lunar Telescope for Kids



Learn more about your local night sky stars and nature’s hidden patterns

  • Powerful magnification
  • Equipped with altitude-azimuth mounting
  • Weighs less than a kilogram
A great tool for every stargazing enthusiast
  • Apt for both kids(above 6years) and adults
  • Great for observing local wildlife
  • Helps boost math, science, astronomy, mythology skills and social awareness






Erecting eyepiece



Versatile Application


90X Magnification:

The telescope has high-quality optics and a magnification power up to 90 times, perfect for enjoying a precise lunar observation.

Astronomical & Terrestrial Use:

The telescope can be used for lunar observation as well as other terrestrial marvels like birds, waterfalls, monuments and many others

Altitude-Azimuth Mounting:

The telescope is equipped with an altitude-azimuth mounting (N), i.e. it can be moved vertically (altitude) and horizontally (azimuth)

Buy Kids Handheld Telescope

  • EDUCATIONAL LUNAR TELESCOPE FOR KIDS: MoonScan is an educational and fun toy for toddlers who seek to explore the endless night skies and local fauna. This telescope is designed to be lightweight, easy to use and is the best option for your kids to skywatch and learn about the astronomical sciences in a fun way.
  • ALTITUDE-AZIMUTH MOUNTING LUNAR TELESCOPE: The telescope is equipped with altitude-azimuth mounting (N), i.e., the view can be moved vertically (altitude) and horizontally (azimuth).
  • 90X MAGNIFICATION KIDS TELESCOPE: The telescope has a maximum magnification of about 90X times. A powerful telescope ideal for learning astronomy as well as viewing daily animals and birds in the sky. The telescope comes with a 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece that enhances the magnification and is easy to use and configure.
  • PORTABLE MINI TELESCOPE: MoonScan is a portable kids’ educational telescope designed to be travel friendly as it weighs less than 1kg and is the perfect size for a travel telescope for kids as well as enthusiastic adults.
  • ASTRONOMICAL AND TERRESTRIAL KIDS TELESCOPE: This kids’ educational telescope is perfect for stargazing as well as viewing terrestrial wildlife, monuments, and others. It can be used as the perfect educational and recreational science kit. It helps your child develop better math, science, astronomy and mythology skills. It also helps to raise awareness about the environment.
  • Apt for both kids(above 6years) and adults
  • Great for observing local wildlife
  • Comes with one orthogonal lens, one 1.5x Barlow lens, one finderscope and two eyepieces, no other mounting tools needed
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy & Plastic
  • Color: Black & Silver
  • Working height: 34cm / 13.3inch approx.
  • Optical aperture: 50mm
  • Focal length: 360mm f/7
  • Inclined mirror: 90°
  • Product weight: 1.68lbs
  • Question 1:How to set up the telescope?
    Answer: MoonScan lunar telescope is a great choice of educational toys for your toddlers, teens and even grown-ups. This telescope set is designed to be portable and therefore is very easy to set up. You need to initially set up the telescope and adjust its height according to your needs. Place the telescope and affix the clamps. Rotate the knobs to fix the telescope in its place and voila! The telescope is all set. All is left for you to adjust the magnification of the scope but that will depend on what the viewer wants to see. Attach the 1.5x lens if needed. For a more detailed description of how to set up the telescope properly and more troubleshooting information refer to the manual.
  • Question 2:How can a telescope help my child learn new skills?
    Answer: Stargazing or watching the local fauna helps to instill good educational values and skills in your child and toddler. This toy is a great way to help your child acquire better skills in subjects like astronomy, mathematics, environmental sciences, mythology. It also will help your child gain knowledge about their immediate surroundings and environment.
  • Question 3: It is necessary to attach the 1.5x lens every time?
    Answer: No, it is not necessary to use the accessory lens every time you use the telescope. It is best to use the lens when watching more faraway objects or else the 90x magnification should suffice.
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