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Mixigoo Touchless Foam Soap Dispenser


Automatic Hand Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser

  • LARGE STORAGE CAPACITY: This automatic sensor hand wash dispenser comes with a large and sufficient soap/ sanitizer storage unit. The need to keep replacing the dispenser with liquid soap/ sanitizer/ moisturizer will be less frequent. It is a convenient and 100% germ-free solution for the entire family. The transparent design indicates how much liquid is left.
  • QUICK HOME SOAP DISPENSER: Our automatic hand sensor soap dispenser has built-in precise infrared motion-sensing technology and PIR sensor detector technology. Once you put your hand under the soap outlet, the foam comes out very quickly in a time frame less than 1 second. It is a quick, easy-to-use, convenient, and hygienic alternative to manual soap dispensers.
  • RUST-PROOF MATERIAL: This automatic soap dispenser is primarily made from ABS material. This material makes the device look beautiful and rust-proof. Many soap dispensers in the market are made from metal that rust quickly. This automatic and touchless liquid soap dispenser is rust-proof, durable, and perfect for all temperature conditions.
  • LEAK & WATERPROOF SOAP DISPENSER: Our soap dispenser has a non-slip and leak-proof base design that makes it waterproof and prevents any liquid leaking. This touchless soap dispenser has a sophisticated system that makes it easy to use and does not cause any mess like other manual soap dispensers. Perfect for your home as well as commercial spaces.
  • KID-FRIENDLY AUTOMATIC SOAP DISPENSER: The automatic sensor and touchless soap dispenser from our brand is not only adult-friendly but also compatible with kids. It can be placed as a countertop soap dispenser for kids to access quickly. You can use it in restaurants, your home, schools, and any area to wash your hands! Kids will love this and wash their hands or dishes without making a mess!
  • Features: 100% touch-free, quickly dispenses liquid with modern sensor technology, rust-proof, perfect countertop soap dispenser for kitchens, restaurants, bathrooms, and others, kid-friendly.
  • Soap/ Liquid Capacity : 230-240ml
  • Package Dimensions: 8.8 x 5 x 4.1 inches.
  • Product Weight: 13 ounces.
  • Power Supply: 3 x AA Alkaline Battery (not included)
  • Material: Plastic ABS / PC
  • DO NOT immerse the dispenser inside water. It will short circuit.
  • NEVER block the foam outlet by hand.
  • Please keep the infra-red motion sensors clear and clean!
  • DO NOT allow direct sunlight to reach the infrared panel.
  • Question 1:Can I use it as a countertop device?
    Answer: Yes! It works incredibly well as an over the counter soap dispenser. It can be used in the kitchen with a dishwasher, or in the bathroom as a moisturiser holder.
  • Question 2:How do I operate this touchless soap dispenser?
    Answer: First, you need to install 3 new AA batteries in the behind compartment. Then, unlock the top cover of the soap cabinet by twisting it anti-clockwise. Pour in the liquid soap or disinfectant into the dispenser, making sure you firmly hold the top lid. Press the power "+" button for 2 seconds to switch on. Enjoy washing up by putting your hand under the sensor!
  • Question 3:What do I have to do if I want to add in hand sanitizer in the dispenser?
    Answer: It’s relatively simple. You will need to add the sanitizer in a ratio of 1:3 or 1:5 hand sanitizer and water, then pour it into the storage tank. Doing this will create a better experience.
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