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Melodia Kids Piano Set with 24 Keys



This musical toy piano is riddled with educational features like:

  • A microphone to sing into
  • A recording option to listen again and improve
  • A karaoke feature
  • Pre-recorded songs
Help your children discover their musical talent with a musical toy piano that can:
  • Teach them about musical keys and rhythms
  • Improve their motor skills
  • Teach your kids how to sing
  • Reduce stress and irritation
  • Improve your kid’s creative and problem solving skills




22 Demo Songs


Percussion Instruments

Recording Function

LED Lights

Made from Child Safe Materials

Battery Powered


Melodia Kids Piano Set by EMass Toys has been made from non-toxic materials that pose no harm to the health of little kids. It has also been designed to be sturdy, so that your child can enjoy using it for a long time and have lots of fun. It is also colourful and made to be attractive to kids, which ensures that your kid will love it when he/she opens her present.


Spending time with Melodia Kids Piano Set by EMass Toys during his/her free time can be helpful to your child in bringing positive effects to his/her mental health. It can also help your child to discover and develop his/her musical talent with your guidance. It can help your child to figure out his/her passions early on in life.


Melodia Kids Piano Set by EMass Toys has several amazing features that make it unique and well worth every penny paid for it. It has 22 different demo songs, and an adjustable microphone for a fun time. It also has an automatic energy saving system that ensures longer battery life. It also has rhythm control buttons and a recording function for your child to develop his/her musical talent with ease.

  • Early Developmental & Educational Toy: Enhance your kid’s hearing ability, exercise hand-eye coordination, develop their brain memory with this fun and educational toy. It plays exactly like a real piano, so your kids can play real notes and learn the fundamentals of music.
  • Multifunctional: 24 keys, 8 percussion instruments, 4 musical instruments, 22 demo songs, different volume and rhythms, play & record feature, Karaoke, LED, and is also equipped with a microphone.
  • Highly Portable Musical Toy: This instrument for kids is super easy to carry as the legs are foldable. Also, weighing at just 1.2 pounds, it is super easy for your children to lug around. It is super sturdy, your kids won’t break it when they carry it around everywhere with them.
  • Package Dimensions: 11.85 x 9.76 x 2.79 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.28 Pounds
  • Material: Non-Toxic Plastic
  • Features: Auto-energy saving, Microphone included, 22 demo songs included
  • Question 1:Does the piano toy work? Can it play real musical notes?
    Answer: Yes, it's not a pretend play toy. It's a real piano just smaller. You can also play songs and sing with the microphone.
  • Question 2:Does the microphone for this piano toy actually work?
    Answer: Yes, it actually works. You can also use it for karaoke.
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