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Maxkare Foot Spa/Bath Massager

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All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager

  • 3 IN 1 PEDICURE FOOT SPA: The 3 in 1 Personal Foot Spa helps relieve stress, heats up, has calming bubbles and vibrates to take away stress. The bubbles help in reducing pressure and give you a nice massage. You can use all 3 functions at one go if you like. It is large enough to fit men’s feet as well, up to size15.
  • SMART TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The ideal temperature setting is between 95℉and 118℉/ 35℃-48℃. The personal pedicure foot & spa massager heat the water to the set temperature. The heat is maintained while in use, without adding more hot water, keeping your spa session uninterrupted.
  • FOOT SPA & DETACHABLE ROLLERS: 4 removable massage rollers are given to massage your feet. Acu-nodes on the bottom have an acupuncture effect on the soles to rub and revitalize your feet. If you don’t need the rollers, they can be easily removed. The rollers with this portable foot spa are operated manually with the feet.
  • FASHIONABLE PERSONAL FOOT SPA: The foot spa has a luxurious and streamlined design. The smart outline fits the feet well and prevents water splashing. Non-slip rubber foot stands to provide salon-like stability to feet. You can also add relaxing bath salts in the removable case in this portable foot spa massager.
  • 100% SAFE PORTABLE FOOT SPA: The personal foot massager is made with high-quality materials to ensure maximum comfort & safety. The massager is easy to carry around and portable for your convenience. If the pedicure tub spa has signs of water, it is an indication of a factory check, no cause to worry.
  • Includes: 4 massaging rollers
  • Features: Portable foot spa/ pedicure tub, temperature control, relieves tiredness, back pain & soreness
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 15 x 9 inches
  • Product Weight: 5.2 Pounds
  • Material: Lightweight & Durable
  • Question 1: What are the 3 modes on this foot massager tub?
    Answer: This fabulous massager/ personal foot spa has a heat, bubble, and vibration mode. You can use it all at once, or one at a time. Just crack open a cold one and enjoy!
  • Question 2:Are the foot rollers removable?
    Answer: Yes! That’s the beauty of it, enjoy the acupuncture massage and remove the rollers when you don’t want it anymore. It allows for easy cleaning of the machine too.
  • Question 3:How is this foot spa powered?
    Answer: It is an electrically operated device, pour in the water, plug it into a socket and the water starts to heat up, to the temperature you set.
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