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Revo Mannequin Head Tripod Stand



Take your wig game up a notch.

One-Liner: The ultimate hairdressing and cosmetology tripod to support:
  • All Your Hairstyling Practice.
  • Suitable for Everyone, Ideal for Cosmetology Students, and Young Professionals.
  • Makeover Artist Training.
One-Liner: Plus, if you’re a wig owner it can help you in:
  • Wig Maintenance
  • Increasing Longevity of the Hair Piece
  • Protection From Dust & Dirt


inches when extended




100% User Satisfaction

Free Carry Bag

High Durability

Secure Support

Adjustable height

This mannequin head tripod is designed to help you improve your hairdressing skills. Its adjustability allows you to tilt and rotate the wig model and modify its height until you get the position you are comfortable with.

The body of this mannequin head stand tripod is made of purely high quality materials that make it durable and long lasting. Installed with steady-standing feet, you can rest assured that you won’t experience imbalance and fall, hence supporting focus.

The Professional Hair Mannequin Stand comes with the following remarkable features:

  • TRIPOD STAND FOR WIG & MANNEQUIN HEAD: Revo is a tripod stand that is ideal for cosmetology students and young hair styling professionals. You can also use the tripod stand for hanging wigs on mannequin heads for practicing makeup, looks, or different hairstyles.
  • FLEXIBLE & ADJUSTABLE: Revo is specially designed to suit every professional’s needs. Its design allows you to adjust its height and its rotatable head allows you to display the mannequin head in an angle of your preference.
  • IDEAL FOR HAIR STYLING & COSMETOLOGY: It is a professional tool with which hairstylists and cosmetologists can practice their skill on wigs and put them up for display. You can also use it for practicing makeup. It is a great tool for practice as well as teaching purposes.
  • IDEAL FOR MAKEUP PRACTICE: It is specially designed to help you practice your skill. Its rotatable head lets you adjust the mannequin head according to your preference. For your convenience, there is an adjustable knob in the middle with which you can adjust the height.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN WITH A STRONG BASE: This wig head stand has a lightweight design to make it portable. This helps professionals carry it to their site and also put their items and skill in the display. It has a strong base that extends and expands, thus providing a strong grip. This unique design makes it sturdy and prevents it from tripping.
  • Features: Rotatable Head, Adjustable Height.
  • Includes: Carry Bag
  • Product Dimensions: 151cm (Fully extended), 2.2cm x 2.5cm x 5.2cm (Head)
  • Material: Lightweight & Durable
  • Question 1: Question 1: I was thinking of buying a stand for mannequin heads to work on different looks. Is this a suitable product for my needs?
    Answer: It is the perfect product that will fulfill your requirements. On top of that, you can use it to display your looks and wigs on a mannequin using Revo.
  • Question 2: There are several tripod stands available in the market. What makes Revo stand apart from other brands?
    Answer: Revo is made from a lightweight but durable material that enhances its portability feature. Its efficient design lets you adjust its height, and the rotatable head lets you adjust the head’s angle according to your preference. These unique features have helped it receive several positive reviews as well.
  • Question 3:How well-built and firm is the base of the tripod stand? Will it fall?
    Answer: The base of the wig tripod stand is expandable, making it firm and sturdy. This design ensures that it will stay upright and won’t fall over.