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Levodec Filter Shower Head



Make your morning showers more refreshing with Levodec ShowerHead.

  • Comes with a replaceable Vitamin C enriched filter cartridge.
  • It has 4 types of mineral beads.
  • Easy to install.
  • Fits any size of shower.
  • Helps dry skin and hair loss.
Levodec ShowerHead is
  • Quality-tested
  • Mineral bead filtration
  • Easy Installation
  • Durable


Increased water flow


Refill cartridges


types of mineral beads


Tested For Quality

Heals Dry Skin & Allergies

Saves Water

Healthier Skin and Hair

Vitamin C Filter Cartridge showers you with the benefits of lemon extracts for your skin and hair.

High-Quality Filtered Water

Reduced skin rashes and hair fall caused due to unfiltered, chlorinated hard water.

3 Types of Mineral Beads

With three types of mineral beads, Ledovec intrinsically filters and improves water quality.

Spa At Home

It helps you relax and enjoy spa-like benefits at home during bath time and improves mood.

Best Affordable Vitamin C Showerhead for Chlorine-Free Water

  • Mineral stone water softener: You can reap maximum shower benefits without having to invest in expensive water softeners or filters. The Levodec shower filter has its way to purify, soften, remineralize chronine –loaded hard water that you use regularly.
  • Vitamin C Filter Cartridge water softener: The showerhead comes with a Vitamin C enriched filter cartridge that can be easily replaced with the existing one. It also comes with 3 refill filter cartridges.
  • Water softener with Three stages of filtration: 4 types of minerals beads present in the showerhead comes with different filtration benefits. They allow you to relish a chemical-free shower by eliminating heavy metals, chlorine, ammonia, rust, and other impurities present in the water.
  • Easy installation: The vitamin C Filter shower head is easy to use. It fits any standard shower and can be easily installed by removing the existing showerhead. Due to its lightweight, you can carry the product while travelling.
  • High-pressure Head water softener: The indents on the showerhead plates are drilled with high-laser technology to achieve first-rate precision. Therefore, the water flow in these showerheads is 1.5X times more than usual.
  • Manufacturer: Densors
  • Product material: Stone
  • Package Dimension: 23.39 x 8.79 x 7.19 cm; 349 Grams
  • Battery requirement: N/A
  • Question 1: Does the showerhead has different control settings?
    Answer: Though the product has no such settings, the water force is quite powerful. It's 2 times better than the normal flow.
  • Question 2:What minerals the showerhead is going to eliminate?
    Answer:The showerhead is quite capable of removing any chemicals. Some of them are heavy metals, chlorine, ammonia, rust and other impurities.
  • Question 2:How often should I replace the filter?
    Answer:The replacement of filters depends on the usage. If you are using it regularly or many people are using the same facility, consider replacing it once in 6 months.
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