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Levare Permanent Hair Remover Epilator



Ditch painful waxing that leaves your skin pale and dry and adopts a new way of removing hair with Laser treatment.

  • A safe and efficient way to remove hair.
  • Employs advanced laser technology.
  • Comes with a dual-mode setting to suit different hair removal needs.
  • It has 5 light intensity settings.
Levare Permanent Hair Remover
  • Quality-tested
  • Efficient
  • Safe and Painless
  • Long-lasting.


different mode settings.


Light intensity setting







IPL Shrinks Hair Follicles

The light pulses reach your hair follicles and make them shrink gradually with light and heat.

Accelerates Natural Hair Fall out

The gradual hair follicle shrinkage helps in accelerating the natural process of hair fall out.

Prevents Hair Regeneration

Levare prevents hair follicle regeneration removing the need for repeated use and providing you with a permanent solution.

Effective Laser Therapy for Facial and Body Hair for Smooth and Better Skin.

  • Effective Laser Treatment: You don't always need to take trips to salons or go for ridiculously painful waxing. Densors offers you a comfortable and permanent hair removal solution. The treatment is painless and convenient so that you can get the hair removal job done from the comfort of your home, at your own convenient pace.
  • Laser Treatment with an IPL Technology: Densors uses advanced Intense Pulsed Light Technology For safe and painless treatment. The laser light shrinks the hair follicles and with light and heat. It gradually reduces hair regeneration and naturally accelerates the hair fall.
  • Dual setting: The device comes with a dual setting to treat both the larger areas like stomach, back, arms, legs to smaller body areas like face, fingers, armpits, etc. The different modes meet all your needs and make the treatment seamless.
  • Laser treatment with 5 light intensity settings: The intensity setting allows your body to adapt to the treatment. It can also be used based on your skin type. You can increase the intensity for better results.
  • Safe and Painless Laser Treatment: For utmost customer safety, the treatment is made automatic. It shuts off automatically when it leaves the skin, and that's how it avoids coming in contact with other body parts.
  • Manufacturer: Densors
  • Package Dimension: 22.1 x 16.76 x 5.59 cm; 1.04 Kilograms
  • Question 1: How does laser treatment work?
    Answer: Densors uses advanced IPL technology for hair removal treatment. During the treatment, the laser uses light and heat to weaken the hair follicles and prevent regeneration. So in less than 6 months, you see a drastic hair reduction in the treated area.
  • Question 2:Is the hair removal process painful?
    Answer:No, the treatment is absolutely painless. Anyone who has used the product will tell you about their painless experience.
  • Question 2:Does laser treatment damage your skin?
    Answer:The IPL technology used in the laser device ensures a safe treatment. It uses light and heat to treat the area without causing any damage.
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