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StrikeBlaze Kids Bowling Set Indoor Games or Outdoor Games


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A Fun Activity For Your Kids To Play With Their Friends

  • Fun Activity For Kids
  • Engaging Indoor Activity
  • Engaging Outdoor Activity
Let Your Kids Get Into The Fun Game of Bowling With StrikeBlaze!:
  • Multiple Kids Can Play Simultaneously
  • Child-Safe Polyester
  • Inflatable Bowling Pins
  • Inflatable Bowling Ball


Giant Bowling Pins


Powerful Inflator


Repair Kit

Wood Weighted Pins For Outdoor Use




Ideal Game For Indoor/Outdoor; Kids and Adults

StrikeBlaze is perfectly designed and inflates to a suitable size for both indoor and outdoor play. Have fun with your friends and Family!

Wood-Weighted For Better Stability

StrikeBlaze bowling pins are wood-weighted to ensure that during outdoor plays they don't get blown away by light wind or breeze.

Powerful Inflator & Easy To Use Repair Kit

StrikeBlaze comes with a powerful inflator that helps you set up the bowling set and a vinyl repair kit that increases product life.

Strike Blaze Indoor Bowling Set

  • INFLATABLE BOWLING FOR KIDS- This kid’s bowling set is a fun lawn toy set consisting of six giant bowling pins and a giant bowling ball. It is easy to carry and store. It’s an at-home bowling league that everybody would want to take part in. So, let the yard games begin!
  • WOOD-WEIGHTED BOWLING PINS- The bowling playset comes with wood-weighted bowling pins that make sure that they don’t topple over if a mild gust of wind blows through. The bowling pins remain erect until struck with the designated bowling ball.
  • INCLUDES INFLATOR PUMP- The kid’s bowling set comes with an air inflator pump that is quite powerful. It lets you easily set your bowling pins and bowling ball in mere minutes. To inflate the game set, you need to use the air-inlet valves located in each inflatable and use the pump accordingly.
  • MADE OF QUALITY PVC- It’s made of high-quality PVC which is non-toxic and safe for kids. Therefore, It's also lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Package Dimensions: 12.48 x 10.28 x 2.99 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.26 pounds
  • Material: High-Quality PVC Material
  • Features: Built-in air valves, large durable bowling ball, wood-weighted pins
  • Question 1:Are the pins weighted?
    Answer: The pins have a hardwood disc at the bottom, so they are able to stand up even when placed outside in a breeze.
  • Question 2: How to fill air into the game set?
    Answer: First, you need to unpack the whole game set, it comes with an inflator pump, so use that to fill air into the bowling pins and balls. Each has a small air valve, unplug that and start filling your bowling set with air and make sure not to over-inflate it. Blow up enough air that the set gains its intended shape and becomes firm. After you fill it with the intended amount of air, detach the pump’s air pipe and plug the valve back up.
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