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JoySpare Outdoor & Indoor Fun Games


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Giant bowling ball set for kids and toddlers

  • 6 Giant Bowling pins+1 Giant Bowling ball
  • Wood-weighted bowling Pins
  • Durable & sturdy
  • Safe & non-toxic plastic
Play and take turns with JoySpare
  • Helps your child be more active
  • Can be played both indoors and outdoors
  • Comes with 1 manual air inflator pump and 1 repair path


Bowling pins and ball


Air inflator pump


Repair Patch



Endless Fun


Great choice for Indoor & Outdoor Games

Made with durable PVC plastic, the bowling set is suitable for both indoor & outdoor plays

Wood-weighted Bowling Pins

The inflatable bowling pins keep standing even in the light wind while playing outdoors thanks to its wood-weighted base.

Powerful Air Inflator Pump

JoySpare comes with an inflator pump that helps you set up the bowling set and ready for action in no time.

Fun Outdoor Games for Kids of All Ages

  • INFLATABLE BOWLING KIT FOR KIDS- JoySpare kids’ bowling set is a ‘fun-tastic’ lawn toy set comprising of 6 giant inflatable bowling pins and 1 giant inflatable bowling ball. An at-home bowling league that everybody would want to take part in. So, get ready to team up and let the yard games begin!
  • BOWLING SET FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR GAMES- This inflatable bowling kit for kids is not only an excellent outdoor game set but also is a great interactive game that can also be played indoors with friends and family over the holidays and family outings. The bowling set is a great way to help your kids learn better social skills & motor skills as well.
  • WOOD-WEIGHTED BOWLING PINS- The bowling playset’s bowling pins are wood-weighted. That makes sure that they don’t topple over easily if a mild gust of wind blows through. The bowling pins will remain upright until struck with the giant bowling ball.
  • INCLUDES INFLATOR PUMP- The kids’ giant bowling set is a complete package as it also comes with an air inflator pump that is quite powerful. It easily helps set up your bowling pins and bowling ball in mere minutes. To inflate the game set, you’ll need to locate and use the air-inlet valves present in each inflatable and use the inflator pump accordingly. Don’t over-inflate or the toy will get damaged.
  • INCLUDES REPAIR PATCH- This fun outdoor/indoor giant bowling set for toddlers is made from high-quality, non-toxic & durable material. Yet, for unintended punctures that can easily be mended as this product comes with vinyl repair patches to help fix the holes. Simply locate the puncture, cut out the desired area from the vinyl patch and stick it onto the gap after removing the protective cover.
  • Suitable for children above 5 years of age
  • Ideal as party games
  • Don’t over-inflate or the toy will get damaged
  • Clean with wet towels and wipes
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Product dimensions: Giant Bowling Ball: 50cm diameter
  • Giant Bowling Pin: 60cmx25cm
  • Product weight: 2.20lbs
  • Question 1:Is the air inflator pump manual or automatic?
    Answer: The inflatable bowling set for kids is a fun way to catch a break with family and loved ones. It is a manual air pump that allows you to regulate the amount of air pumped inside the toy. That was you’ll be also reducing the chance of over-inflating your toy.
  • Question 2: Are there extra bowling pins with this toy set?
    Answer: No, there are no extra bowling pins if one bowling pin has popped. You can try to fix it using a repair patch that comes with this outdoor kid’s bowling set.
  • Question 3:How to locate a leak?
    Answer: To ascertain a leak in any one of your pins or the bowling ball, rotate the toy around your wrist or face and look for a cool breeze being shot your way from inside the toy. On closely inspecting that area you’ll be able to find the leak easily. It is advised that adults should supervise if the child is fixing the leak.