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Funtain Inflatable Splash Sprinkler Pad



Introduce Your Little One To Water Without Any Worry

  • A safer option when compared to inflatable pools
  • No risk of child sinking in water
  • Fountain fun along with learning.
Best Outdoor Game For Toddlers And Kids
  • Can Be Spread In The Backyard
  • Easy To Carry On A Picnic
  • Accommodates Two Adults And Two Children At Once.


Safe for Kids


Year Old Kids


Splash Pad Sprinkler

Easy To Use


Outdoor Game

High-grade Material


Unlike swimming pools, there are no safety risks to be worried about while using it either. The water levels always remain shallow, and the spray force is not too powerful. Even your pets can have a fun time with it as well.


All you need to do to have a fun time with Funtain Inflatable Splash Sprinkler Pad is connect it to a hose. You can also adjust the height of the sprays as per your child's preferences.


Funtain Inflatable Splash Sprinkler Pad can make any kids' parties and events a great hit. This is because it is a fun toy that kids of all ages can enjoy, especially in the summer.

Outdoor Swimming Pool Alternatives For Kids

  • Best Inflatable Splash Pad Sprinkler For Kids And Toddlers - Does your child fear water and water games? Introduce water and pool in the safest and the best way with the inflatable splash pad sprinkler.
  • Children’s Outdoor Swimming Pool Alternatives For Kids - There is no chance of sinking and no need of a lifeguard or a guardian around. It is completely safe for toddlers and kids who do not know swimming.
  • A Complete Family Game - The pad can accommodate two kids and two adults at once. It is durable and strong so that you could jump on it, stamp it, and play in the fountain springs.
  • For Outdoor Use - The sprinkler pad can be placed in the backyards, balconies, outdoor garden and even in the terrace. They are strong to not have any wear and tear. These outdoor swimming pool activities for kids can be folded easily and you can travel with it too.
  • Get It For Your Dogs - If you have no kids at home but dogs instead, this could be the right pick for you. Your dogs can run on it and catch the spring water. You too can join and have a leisure time.
  • Highly durable material. Inlet to manually fill water is given.
  • Comes in blue color with fish images on it.
  • Foldable and light. Contains water height adjustable sprinkler fountains.
  • Ideal for 12 months of age and above.
  • 68 inches of diameter - circular pad.
  • Question 1:Does the sprinkler pad skid?
    Answer: Not at all, this is an anti-skin sprinkler pad and your little one can happily bounce and run on it as it sprinkles water.
  • Question 2:Does it accommodate adults?
    Answer: Yes it does. These outdoor swimming pool activities for kids accommodate two adults and two children at a time.
  • Question 3:Will the sprinkler pad get damaged?
    Answer:The sprinkler pad is durable. There is no wear and tare happening until you accidentally do not put it on a pin and jump on it.