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HeelHeed 4 in 1 Foot Spa Massager Set



Foot spa massager

No more feet pain and strain! Get the Foot Spa massager now!
  • 4-in-1 massager tub for feet.
  • Helps you have a spa pedicure
  • Comes with massager rollers to give your feet a deep tissue massage.
No more cracked feet hereafter!
  • The tub is made of ceramic.
  • It has automatic heating and temperature control to heat water.
  • A little Epsom salt added to it cures feet pain.

95°F to 118 °F

Heated Footbath




Compatible foot size

Deep tissue massage therapy

Best pedicure

Soft feet without cracks

Best for home and spas

3 in 1 Foot Spa & Massager

HeelHeed helps you enjoy a stress-relieving foot spa, pampering bubble bath, and muscle-healing massage.

Smart LED Panel

Its LED Panel helps you adjust the water temperature and lets you switch between modes.

Motorized Rollers

The specially designed motorized rollers massage every acupuncture point of your feet and relieve you from stress.

Professional Foot Spa Bath Massager For Best Foot Therapy

  • Spa-Like Foot Spa Massager: HeelHeed is a foot-care tool that allows you to enjoy a foot bath, bubble bath, relaxing feet massage from the comfort of your home. The foot massager relieves body stress and relaxes the tensed feet muscles, and improves blood circulation.
  • Heat Therapy Foot Bath: HeelHeed offers excellent at-home heat therapy. You can adjust the water temperature between 95°F to 118 °F. The sensors and thermostat automatically maintain the required temperature and allow you to enjoy the best foot bath.
  • Motorized Massage Rollers: The HeelHeed Foot spa Massager comes with 3 different functions to deliver you the best foot spa experience. It is equipped with removable motorized rollers that massage the acupuncture point of feet and dislodge tension by acting as a stress reliever.
  • Large Foot Size Compatibility: The machine is designed to make it compatible for feet of any size. The Massager's foot stand is made with non-slip rubber that provides a sturdy grip and prevents unnecessary water splashes.
  • Foot Spa Bath Massager With Foot Soak and Salt: HeelHeed comes with a foot soak and salt that scrubs away the old skin cells and nourishes your feet. Adding the foot soak and salt in the water will add a calming effect to your foot spa.
  • Manufacturer: Waller
  • Question 1: Why Should I Use a Foot Massager?
    Answer: The Foot massager comes with a slew of benefits. The following are some of them.
    • It gives the best pedicure session at home.
    • The massager roller attached to it renders the deep tissue massage that improves blood circulation and improves health.
    • With improved blood circulation, there will be reduced body pain and ailments.
    • It removes all dead skin cells from the feet and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Question 2: How long Should I spend with the foot spa machine?
    Answer:It depends on your purpose. If you are using it for a pedicure, you can soak your feet in hot water for about 20 minutes. If you are using it for foot massage, then it is good to use it for an hour. To avoid catching cold, adjust the temperature on a little higher note.
  • Question 3: How often should I use a Foot spa massager?
    Answer: You can use the professional foot spa massager depending on your need. For the pedicure, you can use it once a week. If you have foot aches, then you can use it every day. For Massager, use it when you want to release stress and relax.