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FootVerve Footspa Massager



Footverve Footspa Massager

Heal Your Heel With The Best Footspa Massager
  • The best foot massager and pedicure tub all in one.
  • Comes with massager rollers attached to the bottom of the tub.
  • Built with a water heater and temperature control.
Cures Feet Pain And Feet Strain
  • Get the spa-like pedicure at the comfort of your home.
  • Add Epsom salt to the hot water tub and cure edema.
  • Easy to use and easy to clean.

118 °F

Heated Footbath




Removable Massage Rollers

Heals cracked feet

Cures arthritis pain

Soothes Edema

Massages like a pro

Improve Blood Circulation and Metabolism using FootVerve and the complimentary foot soak.

A Regular Foot Massage that helps in Reducing Muscle Stiffness and Fatigue.

Exfoliates Dead Skin, Cracked Heels & Calluses and Makes Feet Smooth

Pedicure Massager For Feet

  • Softens, Heals, Relieves – If you feel your feet are as important as your face and other parts of the body, this is the best foot spa machine that you can get. It makes way for a great pedicure, has massage rollers that give a great deep tissue massage, and has an inbuilt water heater that heats water and helps alleviate foot pain.
  • Ideal For Stress Relief - The foot massager works on the principle of acupuncture. A set of massager rollers are found in the bottom of the tub and are detachable to make cleaning easy. These massager rollers give the best feet massage and help in not just pain relief, but also stress relief.
  • No Rust - No Stains – Are you worried about the rust that forms because of moisture or the stains caused because of the salts? You will have no worry when you buy the Footverve Massager foot machine. It is made of ceramic and hence there is no issue of rust formation. The material is of supreme quality and there will not be any stains of the Epsom salts or the other salts used in it.
  • Complete Heat Therapy - The pedicure foot bath massager comes with a heat control panel to keep the water in it hot. You can adjust the temperature and soak your feet into it to make it soft quickly. Apart from this, hot water dilated the blood vessels and improves blood circulation in the feet. With this, your feet will receive oxygenated blood and stay free from all pain and strain.
  • Fits Your Feet - The men and women with long feet need not worry at all. The spa massager is built to fit the longest feet of 14 sze. Even the small and medium size feet can easily fit into it and remain comfortable for the pedicure or massage therapy.
  • Built-in massage roller and pumice stone.
  • Comes with Epsom salt.
  • Comes with a plastic splash cover to minimize the water spill on the floor.
  • Product dimensions: 40x35x21cm
  • Product weight: 5.51lbs
  • Question 1: What are the benefits of a foot spa?
    Answer: The benefits of a footspa machine are many. It reduces feet pain and strain, curbs stress and insomnia, makes feet soft, improves skin quality, improves blood circulation and brings down arthritis pain.
  • Question 2: Are the massage rollers removable?
    Answer:Yes, there are four detachable massager rollers that can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. If you do not wish to have a massage and only want to soak your feet, you can remove these rollers too.
  • Question 3: What ideally should be the user’s age?
    Answer: Anybody can use this product. Kids above ten years and older adults can use it safely too.
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