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Foot Spa Massager 4 in 1



The Pediprime Foot Spa Massager Is A Treat To Your Feet!

  • The 4-in-1 tub designed with the best in class material.
  • It has massager rollers attached to its base.
  • Ideal for a great spa-like pedicure.
Cure Your Cracked Heels While Curing Your Pain
  • The tub comes with an automatic heating mechanism.
  • You can easily control the temperature of the water in it.
  • Nourishes your feet and keeps them soft and healthy.




Massage Rollers


Heated Bath

Quick Pain Relief

Adjustable Temperature Control

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

High-grade Material

PediPrime Foot spa massager consists of three foot-spa functions that pamper your feet and relieve stress and fatigue. The heat function of the massager relieves fatigue, the bubble massage feature allows the bubbles to percolate through water to pamper your feet and the intense vibration feature melts the stress away from your body.

There are 14 massage rollers included in the foot spa bath massager that are dotted with acu-nodes based on sole reflexology. These rollers can be used to provide a deep massage to your feet, which can consequently help you avoid common foot problems and help you deal with cracked heels, and so on.

You can elevate your home pedicure session with the vibration and bubbles features of this foot spa bath massager. Combined with hot water, the vibrating action of this machine will help in bringing down your stress and anxiety levels significantly.

Foot Bath Massager & Spa Machine

  • FOOT SPA & PEDICURE MACHINE WITH TEMPERATURE MAINTENANCE: The heat and temperature setting of this foot bath massager heats and maintains the water temperature at the selected level, between 95°F to 118°F efficiently, without the hassle of adding hot water or dropping water temperature. This machine offers luxury foot spa & pedicure and reduces fatigue and swelling.
  • BUBBLES & VIBRATION: Elevate your foot pampering experience by a notch by jacuzzi like bubbles with this foot spa & pedicure machine that relieves stressed soles and by rhythmic vibration that loosens stiffness. Further de-stress by placing spa materials inside the built-in small box, bringing the wholeness between soul and body.
  • REMOVABLE MASSAGE ROLLERS: Roll feet back and forth on 4 pairs of motorized massage rollers that are dotted with acu-nodes, sole reflexology for deep massage, which stimulates pressure points and dredges meridians to improve metabolism and sleeping quality. Adjust the intensity and speed of the foot bath massager rollers by changing the way you roll. The rollers can be removed when necessary.
  • SAFETY & CUSTOMER FIRST: The foot bath massager is powered by 500W with overheat protection and is FDA-approved. We offer 24-hour service and feel free to contact us for quality-related issues to get a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.
  • STYLISH & EASY-OPERATION: Stylish digital display with indicator lights helps track working settings of the foot bath massager conveniently and visibly; Control and adjust all functions with simple touch of 4 clearly marked buttons, making at-home pedicure easier.
  • Temperature Settings: 95°F to 118°F
  • Power: 500W
  • Package Dimensions: 16.1 x 13.4 x 7.9 inches
  • Package Weight: 4.65 Pounds
  • Question 1: Question 1: Can I get electrocuted while using this product?
    Answer: There is almost no chance of getting electrocuted as the product is well designed. Just make sure you follow the safety instructions.
  • Question 2: I have a few sets of massager rollers, can I attach them on this?
    Answer: The massager rollers provided with this foot bath massager are detachable. If you have massager rollers that fit in this product, you can use it without any issues.
  • Question 3:Is it suitable for salon use?
    Answer: This is a foot spa & pedicure machine for experiencing a professional foot spa at home. You can easily use this professional-grade tool at a salon.