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FitSew Mini Sewing Machine



Start your sewing journey with an affordable mini sewing machine and set up your boutique one day.

  • Provides ultra-ease in stitching.
  • Operates both on electricity and battery.
  • It comes with a double-lock stitch feature.
  • It’s pre-threaded and pre-set.
FitSew Sewing Machine is:
  • Quality-tested
  • Durable
  • Easy to operate and repair
  • Easy assemble and disassemble






Charger Adapter

Easy to stitch


Easy to repair


Get Ready to Start Sewing

FitSew comes pre-threaded and therefore, is completely easy-to-use as it eliminates the fuss of threading bobbins and needles.

Repair, Stitch and Create

Ideal for quick repairs and last minute finishing, it's high precision needle can sew through almost all kinds of fabric.

Sewn with Durability & Ease

FitSew comes with a functional 'double-lock' stitching feature that aids you in making sturdy seams with the help of two bobbins in use.

Easy to Carry & Store

The mini sewing is conveniently lightweight and is compact in size. It will take no extra space and allows you to carry it to any venue.

Affordable, lightweight, Small Electric Tailoring Machine

  • Portable Electric Tailoring Machine: The portable sewing machine offers ultra ease in stitching. It comes with: 4XBobbins,1XNeedle,1XAC/DC Charger Adapter, 1XExtention Table, 1XFoot Pedal, 2XThreader, 32XLarge plastic lock core, 32XSmall transparent plastic lock core, 1XMeasuring Tape, 1XNeedle plate, 1XThimble & 2XSmall scissors.
  • Electric Tailoring Machine for small projects: Now, you can tap into your creativity and take up many small projects under your wings with the help of a mini portable machine. Its lightweight and simple design make it convenient to mend any repairs quickly.
  • Work on both electricity and battery: The small sewing machine can operate both on electricity and battery. The battery allows you to stitch when the power is out. You can use electricity and use the battery as a backup.
  • Sewing machine accessories: If you are a beginner, then an Onsen sewing machine is an ideal choice. It comes with a detachable table, detachable foot pedal, four metal bobbins, AC/DC adapter, one needle, and one needle threader. It also comes pre-threaded and with preset tension that allows you to start sewing without any confusion.
  • Built-in sewing Light: The sewing machine is equipped with a sewing light for better focus and two bobbin holders that allows you to stitch with a more durable setting. The device also has a double lock feature.
  • Product dimension: 9.96 x 9.45 x 6.65 inches
  • Item weight: 2.8 pounds
  • Question 1: What does the package include?
    Answer:It comes with three threaded metal bobbins, two empty metal bobbins, one set of replacement needles, one needle threader, one 60” tape measure, a 110V AC adapter, a foot pedal, and an instruction manual.
  • Question 2:How can I get started?
    Answer: The instruction manual comes in handy if you are a beginner. You can read it and follow it carefully before getting started with the sewing machine.
  • Question 3: Can I stitch without the help of a bobbin pin?
    Answer: The bobbin pin is a very important part of the stitching. It is impossible to stitch it without that.
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