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Fitera Body Slimming & Skin Reinvigoration Machine



Skip the hassle of hitting gyms and lose stubborn fat from the comfort of your home with the sculpt body slimming machine.

  • The fat reduction machine promotes the dissolution of fat cells in the body.
  • Detoxifies and tightens the skin in no time.
  • The best device to lose belly fat.
  • Accelerate blood circulation.
  • Improves skin elasticity.
Sculpt slimming machine is
  • Quality-tested
  • 100% safe
  • Long-lasting results
  • Target specific







High quality material

Safe and Effective

Ergonomic Design

Target specific

Incites Muscle Fibers

Its high-frequency vibration function activates resting muscle fibers and increases muscle strength. It also increases muscle flexibility and reduces muscle stiffness.

Skin Reinvigoration

Sculpt reinvigorates your skin cells and removes skin impurities. Its ionic technology removes acne and blackheads, helping you enjoy smoother skin.

Body Fat Removal

With advanced EMS technology, Sculpt dissolves body fat by increasing cell metabolism and blood circulation. Fitera is an efficient weight-loss tool.

5 in 1 Radio Frequency Weight Loss Machine

  • 3-in-1 slimming machine: The sculpt slimming machine is built with EMS technology, Ionic technology, unique vibration technology. You will find all three new-gen technologies in one tool. It removes stubborn fat and reduces all signs of aging.
  • 5 Modes of EMS massage: The device has 5 modes of EMS operation such as tapping, kneading, slimming, scrapping, and massaging modes. It also has 5 levels of adjustable intensity setting option. You can also attach the electrode contact gel pads to the affected areas to get the best results.
  • Skin reinvigoration and body sculpting: The machines help with body slimming, toning, shaping. You can expect firmer abs, lower jaw, waist, abdomen, thighs, biceps, hips, buttocks. It also cleanses the pores, boosts collagen production.
  • Safe and easy to use: The treatment involves a non-invasive procedure that is pain-free and delivers astonishing results. The treatment is easy to use, and you can get the treatment done with a click of the button.
  • Portable and durable: The sculpt slimming machine is an all-in-one skincare machine. Its compact size makes it a travel-friendly product. You can conveniently administer the device from the comfort of home. It comes with a charger adapter and 4 electrode contact gel pads that can be plugged into the slimming machine while using EMS mode.
  • Question 1:How many treatments do I need to see the results?
    Answer: The results vary from individual to individual. Generally, 6-8 treatments are recommended to see visible results.
  • Question 2:How often can I use the slimming machine?
    Answer: The device can be administered twice a week, and the treatment duration can be anywhere between 20-40 minutes. The treatment should be spaced 72 hours apart.
  • Question 3: Which areas of the body can I use the slimming machine?
    Answer: It is safe to use the slimming machine on the following body parts:
    · Arms
    · Hips
    · Legs
    · Buttocks
    · Back
    · Calves
    · Stomach
    · Love handles