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FitByk Portable Exercise Pedal Bike



The essential home workout mini bike peddler

Welcome home a new fitness equipment that
  • Helps burn calories
  • Builds leg & arm muscles
  • Aids fitness at home & office
FitByk Mini Bike Peddler’s LCDs:
  • Exercise time
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • RPM
  • Calories burned




Motion directions





Easy workout


Adjustable Knob and Foot Pedal

Adjustable resistance is easy to control by rotating the knob. The adjustable foot band can quickly adapt to your feet.

5 in 1 Exercise Tracker

The LCD Monitor of this peddler tracks your exercise time, distance, speed, calories burned, and RPM. Track your metrics!

Mobility and Independence

You can use it anywhere in your home or work-out under your desk at work! It gives you full exercise mobility and freedom.

FitByk Mini Bike Peddler

  • DO ARMS AND FEET WITH PORTABLE BIKE PEDDLER: The FitByk Mini Bike Peddler is an ideal gym equipment for your home, studio, apartment, office, etc. It can be used both for the arms and feet. The hand/ foot exerciser can be rotated in both clockwise and anticlockwise rotations with adjustable friction, giving your arms and feet an effective and strengthening workout. It is the ultimate at-home joint pain relief machine.
  • ADJUSTABLE KNOB AND FOOT PEDAL: This portable bike peddler for home workouts comes with an adjustable resistance knob on the side to help you set the desired resistance for your workout. It has an adjustable bike pedal strap that can accommodate varying foot/ shoe sizes and lets your exercise routine be uninterrupted.
  • COMES WITH A WOBBLE CUSHION: FitByk comes with a wobble cushion that acts as a great workout companion. Doing squats on the cushion helps strengthen your core and using it as a seated cushion helps in keeping your spine erect. It is an anti-burst cushion, so you can use it without worry!
  • PORTABLE AND UNDER-DESK PEDAL EXERCISER: At home or work, this is the best way to make sure that you work out regularly. This mobile and portable gym equipment allows you to have the freedom to enjoy a great leg workout, keeping it under your work desk or anywhere at home!
  • DIGITAL MONITOR: FitByk portable bike peddler comes with an LCD monitor that digitally displays vital metrics like exercise time, speed, distance, RPM, and amount of calories burned during your workout. It helps you stay on track and motivated.
  • Power Supply of LED Display: AA battery
  • Material composition: Iron/plastic/TPR
  • Portable Handle makes the fitness exercise bike ready to go
  • Product dimensions:25cm(Front foot-35cm(Rear foot)X42cmX32cm
  • Products net weight: 7.28lbs
  • Product gross weight: 8.38lbs
  • Question 1: Is this a manual mini exercise bike?
    Answer: Yes, FitBykk mini exercise bike is a manual fitness and gym equipment. It helps strengthen both arms and legs. It helps to train and exercise without the need for any electricity. Designed for every space possible, the manual fitness mini peddler can easily be used while sitting on a chair or sofa. Only the digital display of the product requires a single AA alkaline battery to help power up the screen that shows the user’s essential vitals.
  • Question 2:What are the health benefits of using a mini fitness bike?
    • Using Fitbyk to help out with your workout can aid:
    • Burn calories by helping with cardio
    • Reduce weight and fats on legs and arms
    • Strengthen and firm muscles and joints
    • Improve blood circulation and produce endorphins
    • A proper 30-minute session should help you train your muscles without having to run to the gym.
  • Question 3:How to adjust the resistance of the portable mini peddler?
    Answer:The portable bike peddler comes with a built-in resistance knob that you’ll be able to easily locate in the front of the machine that faces you. Turn the knob clockwise/anticlockwise to accordingly increase or decrease the resistance of the bike. To check if the resistance has come to the right setting, rotate one of the foot pedals before locking the resistance in.
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