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Elena Set of 4 Nose Vents to Ease Breathing


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These medical-grade silicone nose vents can help you sleep better by

  • Opening Nasal Airways
  • Preventing Sleep Apnea
  • Completely Eliminating Snoring
Don’t let your near and dear ones suffer with nose vents for snoring
  • The ergonomic design prevents the nose vents from slipping during the night
  • Maximizes the airflow through dilation
Different Sizes Included

FDA Approved

Bio Compatibility Tested

Medical Grade Silicone Used

Long-lasting and Reusable

The Original Nose Vents by Venyn is an anti-snoring device that works as a nasal dilator that is comfortable to use while sleeping. It basically helps open up air ways to help users breathe normally despite having nasal congestion and other breathing problems that may have caused the snoring.

The Original Nose Vents by Venyn offers simplicity and convenience. You just have to insert the device into your nose and that’s it! You can now snore less and sleep more. Simple right? No more unfit mouthpieces or device usage training just to aid your snoring.

Snorecare Nasal Vents Set for Sleep Apnea

  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Venyn Nose Vents for Snoring have an ergonomic and comfortable design that prevents the vent from slipping out while you sleep at night. It gives you no cause to worry. It is perfect for eliminating snoring while you sleep and keeps you relaxed and quiet.
  • 4 SIZE OPTIONS: This anti-snoring nose vent pack from Venyn comes in 4 different sizes. You have the freedom to discover which size works best for you and use the perfect one. The size option also allows you to use the perfect one for yourself and share amongst your friends/ family the other sizes.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: VENYN anti-snore nose vents are made from high-quality medical-grade silicone. The material is tested for its durability and is perfect for medical applications. It is 100% safe for your nose as it is not made from a toxic substance or any chemical-based material.
  • HELPS NASAL DILATION: If you have breathing problems or nasal dilating issues, this is the device for you! These snoring nose vents act as anti-snore tools and help improve airflow, help improve breathing over time and give you better sleep at night.
  • DURABLE, PORTABLE & RE-USABLE: VENYN nose vents for snoring come in a travel-friendly portable case, making it easy for you to take with you wherever you stay or travel. They are made from A-grade materials that are biomedically tested. It is perfect to heal your breathing and snoring worries.
  • Includes

      • 8 pieces and 4 sizes in total and one travel-friendly box.


      • High-grade silicone, aids in breathing, anti-snoring device, helps increase airflow and heal sleep apnea, lightweight, portable and durable

    Package Dimensions

      • 2.45 x 2.4 x 1.15 inches

    Package Weight

      • 0.95 Ounces


    • Lightweight & Durable Medical Grade Silicone
  • Question 1:What if I get an allergy because of the material used?
    Answer: Don’t worry. It is made up of hypoallergenic high-quality materials. The vent material is biomedically tested and is made from high-grade silicone.
  • Question 2:Can I wash it?
    Answer:Of course, you can. The nose vents are easy to use and wash off. Just run cold water over them, and they are as good as new. If you want to use a mild detergent, you can, but in a liquid form.
  • Question 3: Can it help me breathe better at night?
    Answer:Venyn nose vents are an anti-snoring product designed to help dilate the nostrils and expand the nasal air passage to maximize the airflow for you to breathe with ease. It takes away sleep apnea in no time.
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