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Eclat Beard Straightener for Men



Eclat beard straightener

With Great Beard Comes Great Respect
  • The beard brush for the new generation men.
  • Heated beard brush for long and smooth beard.
  • Adjustable temperature control to prevent burning.
Best beard straightener for men who love long beard
  • Build to smoothen head hair and beard hair.
  • Easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Provides long lasting smoothness.

2 in 1

Hair Styling Brush

180° 200°

Dual Heat Settings


Swivel cord

For men who love beard

Easy to use

Long lasting smoothness

No more frizz

Fast Heating

The device’s fast heating helps you save time and give you a groomed look, quickly.

Complete Hair Grooming

Get a well-maintained beard, Well-styled hair, and a groomed mustache with Eclat.

Dual Heat Settings

Choose from the dual heat settings as per your need and beard length.

Beard & Grooming Accessories For Men

  • Best Grooming Tool For Beard And Head Hair - This tool is a two-in-one beard and head hair straightener brush. It can be used on the tough beard as well as the frizzy head hair to turn them into soft, smooth and long head hair.
  • Safe to use - The beard straightening brush’s teeth come with good quality ceramic coating on it. You can have a safe beard hair straightening. With the ceramic coating on the bristles of the beard straightening comb, the heat gets equally distributed and you will have a worryless smoothening process.
  • Adjustable heat modes - To match and suit all sorts of hair texture, the beard straightening brush comes with adjustable heating modes. This helps you have a hassle free beard or a head hair straightening session without burning your hair. You can start on a low temperature and gradually increase the heat based on the need.
  • Needs no serum - All that you will need for straightening your beard is your cleanly washed and dry beard and no oils or styling serums. This helps you avoid all the chemicals and naturally straightens your head hair or beard hair with heat only.
  • Comes with a beard balm - When you buy the Eclat beard straightening brush, you will get an amazing beard balm along with it. This can be used after your smoothening session to give your beard a conditioned look and a long-lasting smoothness.
  • Package Dimensions: 10.63 x 3.19 x 2.05 inches
  • Package Weight: 8.47 Ounces
  • Material: Durable Ceramic, Portable and easy to carry, Lightweight
  • Features: Temperature control, insulated ceramic plate, even heat distribution, and 360° rotatable power cord.
  • Includes: Beard Balm
  • Question 1: Should I apply the beard balm given while straightening my beard hair?
    Answer: This beard straightening tool does not need any sort of styling gel or beard balm when in action. Use the brush on a clean and dry beard to avoid any of the beard hair getting burnt.
  • Question 2: Should I damp my beard before using this beard straightening accessory?
    Answer: No, the beard straightening brush must be used on a dry and clean beard or head hair. You can later on set it and condition it with the beard balm that comes along with the beard brush.
  • Question 3: Is there an ideal temperature setting for thick and long beards?
    Answer: You need to generally go at a higher temperature if your hair is too coarse. The best way to start off is to adjust the temperature of the brush on a lower side and gradually take it on a higher side.
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