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Dishypop Kids Kitchen Sink Play Set



DishyPop’s Kitchen Sink Set is the perfect play-mate for your child

A splash of fun in your pretend-kitchen!
  • Battery-operated
  • Real water runs every time you turn the toy faucet
  • Detachable toy accessories
  • Play indoors & outdoors
Role-play, bond and make memories together
  • Suitable for children above 3 years
  • Safe & non-toxic material
  • Water-proof and sturdy
  • Vibrant colors




Years and above


Pieces Set





Sensory Play

Your child engages his/ her sense of sight and that of touch in this game. This toy is the perfect game to develop and enhance your child's sensory development.

Water Cycling Kitchen Sink

Switch on the sink faucet, and it can pump water automatically, you don't need to press the water pump. Water Cycling helps children learn to save water early on.

Develops Your Child's IQ

DishyPop is an educational toy that helps develop your child's technical and essential skill sets that help enhance his/ her IQ levels leading to better academic performance.

Children's Play Sink with Running Water

  • BATTERY-OPERATED PLAY KITCHEN SINK: Pretend and play with DishyPop. This playset comes with a battery-operated kitchen sink that requires no electricity to function. The batteries are inserted at the back of the faucet and come with a protective plastic cover that you can snap into place. Turn on the tap of the sink and wash toy plates like a grown-up.
  • DETACHABLE TODDLER KITCHEN SINK: The sink, toy cutlery, and dish holder are all detached from the main container. It makes it easy to use the toy in different places in your home. Encourage your toddler to sort out the utensils and cultivate essential habits of sorting and organizing.
  • WATER-CYCLING KIDS SINK PLAYSET: DishyPop Kitchen Play Sink helps your child learn the value of saving water early on with the water cycling system. The water is cycled, without the need to press the faucet each time. The water circulates through the container, reducing wastage.
  • SENSORY-PLAY TOY: This kitchen sink toy helps develop your child’s interactive, visual, and tactile abilities through involving touch and other movements that they usually do when cleaning their doll’s plates. The play kitchen sink playset aids develop your child’s motor skills as well, by giving them movements through which they can become faster.
  • FUN & EDUCATIVE TOY: This toy sink is the perfect ruse for endless fun and interaction for your child as it helps your child learn about cleanliness, saving water, and technical skills early on. It develops your child’s IQ naturally and supports their all-round development.
  • Ideal for children above 3years old
  • 100% safe and non-toxic plastic
  • Application: Water is cycled to provide continuous running water. May require a refill after some use.
  • Comes with 2xmugs, 2xplates, 2xglasses, 1xspoon, 1xfork, 1xdetergent,, 1xscrubbing brush, 1xdryer bin, 1xdetachable sink, 1xfaucet with battery compartment
  • Playset requires 2 AA alkaline batteries.
  • Product color: Blue or Pink
  • Question 1:How to set up the toy?
    Answer: Dishypop kitchen sink playset is the toy of your child’s dreams if they are active in pretend play and role-playing. To set up the toyset, you’ll need to refer to the instruction manual that will come with the interactive toy.
  • Question 2:Though this is a brief overview
    Answer: Step 1: Set the toy on a spot where you can see all the parts of the toy. Take the faucet and turn it over. You’ll be able to locate a battery compartment.
    Step 2: Take out the protective lid to insert 2 AA alkaline batteries into the compartment and seal it back up.
    Step 3: Attach the sink to the faucet and add a little water into the sink’s tub.
    Step 4: Turn the faucet to cycle the water.
  • Question 3: Does the toy come with any instruction manual?
    Answer: Yes, DishyPop does come with a descriptive manual that perfectly explains to the customer how to install and use the product. But for support and more queries about the product, feel free to write to us.
  • Question 3: How to clean the toy?
    Answer: To clean the interactive toy, first, turn off the faucet and then the power. Take out the batteries and dump the water out to clean the toy with a wet wipe or a clean towel. You can use a mild soap to clean it if it has got very dirty. Wipe it dry.
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