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Detager Skin Tag and Acne Remover Patches


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Get an overnight fix to your pimples with the Densor’s Acne Removal Patch

  • A healthy solution to all your acne problems.
  • It sucks up all dirt and secretion from the pimple and improves the healing process.
  • It comes with a skin tag removal kit.
  • Quickly fixes all the acne problems.
Densors Acne Pimple Patch Cover is
  • Highly-tested
  • Healthy solution
  • Quick-fix
  • Long-lasting


acne removal patches


skin tag removal kit


Aloe vera gel





No Marks or Scars

Proper usage of Detager acne remover kit ensures smoother acne-free skin with no marks or residual scars.

Safe & Gentle Removal

It is a smart acne remover kit that comes with a skin tag and mole remover tool for easy and safe application.

Easy To Use

Detager Acne Remover is an efficient acne removal method with a straightforward & safe application process.

Aloe Vera Acne Removal Gel

Detager includes an anti-inflammatory aloe vera acne removal gel that also helps you remove acne & blackheads.

Acne Removal Patch with Skin tag remover, aloe vera gel for Clear and Natural skin

  • Scar-Free Acne Remover Patches: Detager comes with 72 acne removal patches. It offers a quick, efficient, pain-free healthy solution for your entire acne problem. It sucks all the secretion and bulges and gives you a soft, clean, acne-free face.
  • Blemish Removal Patches: Along with acne removal patches, the kit also comes with several other products to remove pimples, moles, skin tags. This kit offers you an intelligent solution to your acne-related problems.
  • Pimple and Acne Removal Patches: This intelligent skincare product prevents you from involuntarily touching pimples and thus avoids your pimples collecting all grime. After sucking all dirt and impurities, its hydrocolloid composition accelerates the skin's natural healing process.
  • Skin Tag Removal Product: Detager Acne and pimple cover patch comes with a skin tag removal kit that safely and gently removes all skin tags and gives you brighter looking skin in no time.
  • Aloe vera Acne Removal Patch: Detager Acne patch comes with an aloe vera gel that effortlessly removes skin tags, moles, and pimples. The gel has anti-inflammatory benefits that soothe skin and also remove blackheads. You can use this product with other tools provided with the product to make the skin tag removal process easy and seamless.
  • Product package Dimension: 6.2 x 4.8 x 0.9 inches; 3.21 Ounces
  • Category: Beauty, personal, and skincare.
  • Question 1: Can I apply makeup when I am wearing pimple patches?
    Answer: Yes! You can cover your pimples with the help of these pimple patches and apply makeup on top of that without worrying about any infection.
  • Question 2:Does Acne patch have any medicinal properties?
    Answer:Yes! The kit comes with aloe vera gel that has anti-inflammatory properties. Besides this, it contains natural antioxidants and essential oils to give natural glowing skin.
  • Question 2:Does it hurt while removing the skin tag?
    Answer:The skin tag automatically falls off without causing any pain. It offers an effective and pain-free solution to all acne problems.
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