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DeepKnead Massager Gun



Deepknead massager gun

Walk an extra mile without a muscle pain
  • The best massager gun for your full body.
  • Comes with an easy to hold handle
  • Detachable massager heads to render a complete massage.
The Full body massager gun is the best deal for your whole family.
  • A must-have tool for athletes and gym enthusiasts.
  • Comes with an adjustable massage speed.
  • Suitable for self massage


Operational Speeds


Detachable massager heads


Brushless high-torque motor

Deep Tissue Massage

Pain Management




With built-in 2000mAh high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, the massage gun can be used 2-3 hours after full charging. DeepKnead Percussion massage gun will be automatically turned off after 10 minutes to protect your muscles from injury.


This muscle massager is stylish, lightweight, and portable, you can use it anywhere.


This hand-held percussion muscle massager gun can relieve any form of muscle pain after exercise; helps in relieving muscle stiffness, fatigue and applying vibration healing science.

Handheld Electric Body Massager Gun for Muscle Pain Relief

  • Deep tissue body massager: The handheld massager gun relaxes the muscle tension and relieves any form of muscle pain after exercise. It also comes with a range of benefits- it boosts the blood circulation, improves muscular motion, relaxes the body, and maintains good mental and physical health.
  • Body Massager with Quiet Gliding Technology: The massager gun uses a high-quality brushless torque motor that uses the latest noise reduction technology that keeps the message sound between 35-55 DB. Now you can have a noiseless, pleasant experience with DeepKnead Massager.
  • Four replaceable massage heads: The massage head comes with 3 massage intensities with maximum speed up to 3200 rpm. To treat different body parts, the Massager comes with 4 massage heads. You can change the massage heads depending on the body part you are treating.
  • 6.6 Feet Anti-Drop Shell: Massage therapy is an ideal choice for anyone with chronic pain, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. The massager gun is made of Nylon 66, and that does allow the massager gun to break even when it is dropped from the height of 2 m.
  • Electric Body Massager with High Battery Capacity: The massager gun is built with a 2000mAh high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery that lasts up to 2-3 hours.
  • Package Dimensions : 13.5 x 10 x 4 inches; 3.65 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: waller
  • Question 1: How to use a massage gun?
    Answer: Massager gun is very simple to use. Hold it like a gun and move the machine around the area you want to treat. You can also seek assistance when you are treating areas like the back and shoulders.
  • Question 2: How often should you use a massage gun?
    Answer:You can use the massager gun as per your need. If you want, you can use it every day or whenever you want to relax your body from stress and muscle tension.
  • Question 3: How often should I use a Foot spa massager?
    Answer: It definitely helps you get rid of knots. You can also take help from experts to get it done the right way.
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