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Dart-Ka-Zam Lawn Darts Game



Let Your Kids Enjoy A Fun Dart Game, Safely

  • Indoor & Outdoor Game
  • Safe For Kids
  • Fun Time With Friends & Family
Give your kids a reason to step outside for a fun dart game with friends and Dart-Ka-Zam
  • Large Gamepad
  • Lawn Pegs For Outdoor Play
  • Vibrant Look


Inflatable Darts


Lawn Pegs



Kid’s Fun Dart Game

Easy to use

Develops hand-eye coordination

Gets your kid involved in sports

Suitable For Indoor Play

Dart-Ka-Zam is perfectly designed and is of a suitable size for indoor play. Just, lay it down on the floor and have fun.

Suitable For Outdoor Play

With the lawn pegs holding down the corners, you can play it on your lawn or take it along with you in picnics or camping events.

Fun Group Activity

With multiple people playing together, this dart game is a fun competitive game idea for parties, group hangouts and kids playtime.


  • HIGHLY PORTABLE LAWN DARTS GAME: You can set up this fun dart game inside your house, or take it outside and play it in your garden or lawn and have fun with your kids, friends, and family.
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE DART GAME: Dart-Ka-Zam is a dart game for kids, and has become one of the most unique and engaging kids outdoor toys. Your kids can play this game on the lawn, in the garden, or during camping. Just lay out the gamepad on the floor and let your kids have fun.
  • TTHE TOY INCLUDES LAWN PEGS AND INFLATABLE DARTS: This game comes with soft, lightweight inflatable darts making it safe for kids to use. The product includes 4 lawn pegs to hold out the game-pad outdoors and prevent it from getting blown away by the breeze. It also includes 3 inflatable darts.
  • THE BEST GIFT FOR KIDS: This inflatable darts game is perfect for kids and toddlers on their birthdays and makes for a pretty decent Christmas present too. It is a superb gift as it engages them in outdoor fun activities in a harmless manner.
  • Package Dimensions: 8.11 x 6.89 x 2.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.92 Pounds
  • Material: Durable High-Grade Material
  • Features: Multiplayer Game, Large GamePad, Party Games
  • Question 1:How does one play with this toy?
    Answer: There are no specific rules to abide by when playing this game. You can play it just like you would play any dart game. You can keep score and try to imbibe healthy competition in children.
  • Question 2: Can we hang it up on the wall and play?
    Answer: No, it is meant to be laid out on the ground. Even if you hang it the darts won’t stand or stick on it as they do not have magnets.
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