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CureHeel Footspa Massager



Skin rejuvenating soak salt to heighten the sensation of relaxing foot spa

  • Foot Massage at home
  • Foot Spa at home
  • Salon-like experience
  • Removable Massage Rollers
  • Adjustable Water Temperature
Enjoy the benefits of foot spa at your home with Cureheel
  • Heat Therapy
  • Foot Spa
  • Foot Massage
  • Acupuncture Massage


to 118 °F

Up to men’s

foot size 14


Foot Massager

Salon-like Experience

Relaxes feet muscles

Stress release

Improves blood circulation

CureHeel Foot Spa Massager’s unique bubble bath feature, heating function and massage rollers provide you with a spa-like experience during your warm foot spa. It is an excellent foot massager machine that improves blood circulation and releases stress after a tiring day.

CureHeel is an electric foot massager and also works as an excellent foot soaker. It relieves stress with heat and massage. You can set the temperature for the heated foot bath between 35 to 42 degree celsius in the spa massager and its sensors will maintain the heat level for you.

Its large size lets your feet fit comfortably while its efficient design prevents water splashes. The massage wheel and non-slip rubber foot stand are designed specifically to massage your feet during your salon-like experience.

Beard Care Products Kit

  • BEARD STRAIGHTENER & COMB: BeauMec is an excellent men’s grooming tool. You can use it to straighten your beard or hair, groom your beard or style your hair. Styling with BeauMec gives your mane a well maintained look and adds volume to your hair.
  • CERAMIC TOURMALINE TECHNOLOGY: The unique design of the bristles prevents scaling. The insulated ceramic bristles ensure even heat distribution and prevent skin burns. It also has Ceramic Tourmaline Technology to make the styling process smooth and tension free.
  • DUAL HEAT SETTINGS: With the added feature of adjustable heat settings, BeauMec is a must have for men. BeauMec has a high temperature setting of 200° Celsius, making it the preferred setting for rough and thick hair, while 180° Celsius temperature setting is ideal for thinner and smoother hair.
  • PROFESSIONAL STRAIGHTENER FOR EASY STYLING: BeauMec is an easy to use beard brush and hair straightener. It has a quick heating function that gets the device ready for use within 60 seconds allowing you to complete your daily styling needs in 5 minutes. The 360° rotatable power cord makes your styling process easier.
  • INCLUDES BEARD BALM: To give your beard a shinier look and volume to it, BeauMec comes with a beard balm. With a bit of beard balm on your mane, your beard looks well maintained and groomed as the beard balm gives it a smooth, glossy and shiny finish.
  • Package Dimensions: 10.7 x 3.2 x 2.1 inches
  • Package Weight: 8.78 Ounces
  • Material: Durable, Portable, & Lightweight
  • Features: Temperature control, insulated ceramic plate, even heat distribution, and 360° rotatable power cord.
  • Includes: Beard Balm
  • Question 1:What kind of bristles does the comb have?
    Answer: This comb/ straightener has a ceramic plate technology with wide bristles. You can easily manage your beard without having to endure the irritation while detangling your beard.
  • Question 2:Can I curl or style my mustache with the straightener?
    Answer: Yes, You can! It can be used on all facial hair so long as it is long enough to be handled by the straightener. Since it has insulated bristles, it will not burn your skin if you get too close as well. You can set it and curl it away from your face and make it stand out
  • Question 3:3. Does the power cord get entangled?
    Answer: No, it does not. It has a 360° rotatable power cord wire that does not allow any room for entanglement. You can enjoy styling your beard and get the style you desire in under 5 minutes.