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Comedo Suction Blackhead Remover



The Only Multi-Purpose Pore Vacuum

One Liner: Still think removing blackheads is a painful process? NOT ANYMORE!
  • Painless Blackhead Extraction
  • Cleanses The Pores
  • Tightens The Skin
One Liner: No need to go to the spa to get your blackheads removed anymore.
  • Also removes dead skin, oil, dirt from the pores.
  • Gives the face an even-toned look.
  • Allows the skin to glow naturally


Intensity Levels




Suction Vacuum

Non Toxic

USB Chargeable

Blue Light Therapy

4 Removable Suction Probes

Microcrystal Exfoliating Probe

The microcrystals infused skin exfoliating probe head helps gently remove dead skin and enables you with a glowing even-toned skin.

Large Round Probe

The wide hole effectively treats blackheads and pimples instantly with ease. It also removes dirt and grease that block your pores and effectively stops your skin from breaking out.

Small Round Probe

The narrower oval head probe, with the help of powerful suction helps lift skin and smoothes fine lines & wrinkles. This Probe can be used to clean smaller sensitive areas such as around the crease of the nose where the larger head can't reach.

Blue- light probe

The Blue-light head inhibits any kind of bacterial growth. Also, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, you can use it to heal your skin after using the other suction head.

Aura Blackhead Vacuum Remover by Absoglow comes with the following amazing features:

  • ONE CLICK SUCTION DEVICE: Aura vacuum Blackhead Remover is a pore cleanser that sucks out the blackheads from the pores of the skin along with all the dust and the dirt. With one click the suction tool activates and helps you enjoy clean blackhead-free skin.
  • VACUUM BLACKHEAD REMOVER TOOL: Aura is an intelligently designed skincare device that creates intense suction power. Its suction heads create a vacuum with which it pulls out all the blackheads of the skin when rubbed against it.
  • SMOOTH CLEAR BLACKHEAD FREE SKIN: It is a professional’s skincare device with which you can remove blackheads. It solves multiple skin issues like coarse and rough skin, acne, dry and dirty skin. You can also use it to exfoliate dead skin cells and get a smoother blackhead-free skin.
  • MULTIPLE SUCTION HEAD: To increase its power and reach while having a better skin cleansing effect, Aura comes with 4 specially designed heads. It comes with a microcrystal exfoliation head, a blackhead remover, a blue light therapy head, and a fine line smoother head.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Its efficiency and its design make it stand out from other blackhead removers. It has a USB charging for easy charging, along with 3 levels of intensity. It is a portable pore cleanser with low noise function and 40PKA Suction.
  • Includes: 4 Remover Heads (Microcrystal Exfoliation Head, Blackhead Remover, Blue Light Therapy Head & Fine Lines Smoother Head)
  • Charging Type: USB
  • Suction Levels: 3
  • Additional Suction Details: 40PKA Suction
  • Product Dimension: 165*40*40mm
  • Product Weight: 129g (170g count accessories in)
  • Package Dimension: 190*136*58mm
  • Gross Weight: 370g (count package in)
  • Package Contents:
  • 1 * Pore cleanser
  • 1 * Big Round Probe
  • 1 * Small Round Probe
  • 1 * Oval Probe
  • 1 * Microcrystalline Probe
  • 1 * Pack of Isolation Pads
  • 1 * Charging Cable
  • 1 * Stainless Steel Blackhead Removal Needle
  • 1 * User Manual
  • Question 1: Is it suitable for deep pore cleansing?
    Answer: Comedo is a blackhead suction tool that uses a vacuum to clean your skin pores and exfoliate your dead skin cells.
  • Question 2: Will it cause my skin to bruise?
    Answer: If used properly, this blackhead pore suction device will remove blackheads and other skin impurities from the pores. It has a strong suction power so you need not apply too much pressure. Although with careless use, you might bruise your skin a bit, it is something that will fade away quickly.
  • Question 3:What makes Comedo better than other blackhead remover tools?
    Answer: Comedo blackhead remover has a strong suction power and is portable. It comes with 4 specially designed cleaning heads for 4 unique purposes of skincare and pore cleansing.