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Cavao Hand for Nail Care Training



Realistic Practice Hand For Nail Care Training

Practice your nail art skills like a professional at home
  • Mimics human hand
  • Detachable Practice Nails
  • Durable ABS Material
  • Flexible Body For Convenience
Eliminate the need of human model for your nail art practice, with realistic nail art practice with Cavao
  • Practice Nail Art
  • Practice Nail Care
  • Practice Manicure Skills
  • Clamp For Easy Attachment


Small Practice Nail


Large Practice Nail


Adhesive Glue

Easily Bendable Structure

Snugly Fitting Nails

Human Like Fingers

Realistic Hand Model

Professional’s Nail Care Practice Hand

Flexible Hand

The flexible hand can be moved and turned around just like a human hand to give you a proper practice.


The clamp ensures that you can place the product and attach it to any object for your practice sessions.

Upgraded Nail Set

There are 100 nails that are detachable and have an upgraded snug fit to ensure that they don't come off easily.

Strong Adhesive Glue

Cavao includes 5 adhesive nail glue tubes for acrylic nail tips to help you with your nail care practice.

Professional Nail Care Practice & Training Hand

  • FLEXIBLE PRACTICE HAND: With Cavao, you can practice your nail care skills or help your students with their training process. It is a realistic- looking nail care training hand that gives a realistic experience about human hands and human nails and how they behave during the nail care process. The flexible nail training hand comes with detachable nails and nail glue.
  • PRACTICE ACRYLIC NAILS: Practice nail care skills like nail art, nail filing, trimming, and manicure with Cavao Nail training hand. It is a flexible and movable realistic-looking hand that you can set up according to your convenience and practice your nail art skills. It is a great piece of equipment for professionals to practice their nail-care skills and beginners learning the art of nail-care.
  • PORTABLE HAND WITH FAKE NAILS: Cavao is a lightweight, portable nail training hand with a flexible structure, allowing you to adjust the hand in a position as per your convenience. It also comes with 100 detachable fake acrylic nails that have a texture similar to actual human nails.
  • NAIL CARE PRACTICE & TRAINING: Cavao is a helpful tool for professionals and trainees as it helps them understand the complexities of nail-care and nail art without the need for a human model. The acrylic nails provided with the product are detachable and offer a snug fit that does not come off unless you want to.
  • COMPLETE NAIL TRAINING SET WITH ACRYLIC NAILS & GLUE: Cacao is a complete nail care practice and training set that comes with an upgraded design of detachable nails. A pack includes 100 acrylic nails – 20 large nails and 80 small nails along with five adhesive tubes of glue to ensure that they can endure the pressure of nail care and do not come off unless you intend it to.
  • Hand Material: ABS
  • Item Size: Approx. 73.0 * 10.0 * 4.0cm / 28.7 * 3.9 * 1.6in
  • Fixed Frame Size: 16.5*8.2*2.3cm/6.49*3.22*0.90"
  • Spring Size: 44.5cm*dia2.5cm/17.51"*0.98"
  • Head Size: 21*10cm/8.26*3.93"
  • Item Weight: Approx. 507g / 17.90oz
  • Package Size: Approx. 52.0 * 21.6 * 6.5cm / 20.5 * 8.5 * 2.6in
  • Packing Content:
  • 1 pc Nail False Hand
  • 1 pack of false nails (80+20pcs)
  • 5 Adhesive Glues
  • Question 1: Do the fingers bend?
    Answer: Yes, the Cavao nail training hand has a flexible hand that mimics an actual human hand. It has long bendable fingers like that of a real human hand.
  • Question 2: Is the hand durable enough to endure the manicure cleaning and sanding process?
    Answer:Yes, the nails offer a snug, tight fit that does not come off unless you intend to. This ensures that the nails do not come off even during the manicure’s sanding and cleaning process.
  • Question 3: Can I attach it to something?
    Answer: Yes, it has a wooden clamp in the end, which ensures that the nail training hand can be clamped to a table end or a pole for the nail training practice.