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Capello Mannequin Head Tripod Stand



Adjustable Wig Styling Tripod Stand

Capello is the apt styling tripod wig stand, especially for cosmetologists and window displays.
  • Hair holder and training stand
  • Styling becomes easier with this wig stand.
  • Perfect tool for practicing hairstyling
  • Capello comes with an adjustable doll head.
  • Ideal tool for make-up artists and hairstylists
What Capello does for you:
  • Keeps your wig intact
  • Lightweight and portable wig stand
  • Perfect for window displays or on-shoot locations
  • Time-saving and cost-effective

57 inches

Adjustable Height




Chances of Rusting




Professional tool

Cosmetology and Display Wig Head and Stand

  • PROFESSIONAL HAIRDRESSER STYLING HEAD: Capello is the perfect hair mannequin and hairdressing training tool for budding cosmetologists. It also acts as a simple wog holder. Your wig stays stylish and prepped always. It works as a prop for salons and as a marketing display tool in store windows.
  • HAIRSTYLING MANNEQUIN HEAD: This adjustable mannequin head and wig holder is the best cosmetology tool. Hairstylists can experiment with many styles of wigs with his efficient & professional stand. You will not need to hire a model or bring in someone just to practice hairstyles. It saves you time and is 100% cost-effective.
  • ADJUSTABLE MANNEQUIN HEAD & WIG HOLDER: The height of this mannequin head and wig holding stand is adjustable up to 57 inches. It is easy for hairdressers and makeup artists to take the tripod with them on shoots. This styling stand has a high-quality, anti-rust iron that prevents any damages.
  • HAIRDRESSERS STYLING TRIPOD WITH ROTATABLE HEAD: Capello head form has a 360° rotatable head that makes it perfect for holding wigs and mannequin heads. Your styling practice will become all the more professional, and you can try to practice and style different hairstyles at home or the job.
  • PORTABLE COSMETOLOGY WIG STAND: Capello is a lightweight, adjustable, and portable hairdressing stand. You can fold it up and carry it in the travel bag provided. It is the best tool for all hairstylists and salons to display new hairstyles to their customers. It is durable and has a damage-proof anti-corrosive metal body.
  • Package Dimensions: 74.29 x 7.62 x 7.62 cm
  • Package Weight: 1.07 Kilograms
  • Material: Stainless steel and durable
  • Features: Adjustable height, 360° rotatable head, and foldable design.
  • Includes: Travel bag
  • Question 1: Can I fold the stand?
    Answer: Yes! This is an adjustable tripod wig stand, perfect for carrying on shoots or even used as a window display. You can fold it up and carry it with you in the travel bag that comes with it!
  • Question 2: Can I practice make-up on the mannequin head?
    Answer:Yes, you can! It is one of the best tools for budding as well as professional cosmetology enthusiasts. You can practice makeup artistry and hair styling with this adjustable wig stand.
  • Question 3: What if the stand corrodes? I work on outdoor shoots a lot!
    Answer:You have nothing to worry about, this stand is the perfect tool for outdoor shoots. It is made from top quality metal that is rust-proof and waterproof.
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