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Boomtastic Electronic Drum Set



Electric Drum Set

  • High-quality
  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Portable
Paint new colors to your kids’ musical interest with an electric drum set.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor sessions.
  • It comes with built-in speakers, pre-recorded demos, sound styles, and rhythms.
  • Dual charging modes.


Foot Pedals

2 pair

Drum sticks




Built-in speaker


Audio input and output

High-quality Realistic Drum Sounds

Boomtastic produces quality drum sounds that replicate the real thing! It also is able to make other sound styles when set-up to do so.

Light-weight & Sturdy

Made with premium quality materials, this electronic drum set is easy to carry. It is designed for both outdoor & indoor use.

In-built Rechargeable Battery

Equipped with Li-ion rechargeable batteries, this drum set can easily be charged using its accessory USB cable.

Compatible with MP3 Players

The product endorses an MP3 input jack that lets your children practice all their favorite tracks ceaselessly.

The Perfect Musical Instrument

  • Roll-Up Electronic Drum Set: This transportable drum kit is a good selection of toys for young boys & girls. It produces true quality drum sounds resembling an original professional drum set. Let your children explore their musical facet with a blast with this versatile yet simple beginner’s drum set.
  • A Perfect 9-Piece Drum Kit: It is a nine pad roll-up drum set that includes 2X Crash Cymbals, 1X Bass Drum, 1X Open-close Hi-Hat, 1X Ride Cymbal, 1X High Tom, 1X Low Tom, 1X Snare Drum, 1X Floor Drum.
  • Perfect For Practice, Recording and Playing: With in-built speakers, this electrical drum set comes with pre-recorded demos, sound designs & rhythms. Play ON and follow your favorite numbers, or record & play your previous follow sets. This electrical drum set can also be used by adults & skilled drummers.
  • Hi-Hat & Base Foot Pedals: The product comes with 2 connectable foot pedals, the Hi-hat foot pedal & the Bass foot pedal, each can be connected to the console and complete your whole drum set. You also get 2 pairs of drumsticks with the product.
  • Two Modes of Charging: Begin your percussionist diaries TODAY! With in-built reversible Li-ion batteries, it can be recharged using USB charging cable and you can also use 3AA basic batteries in this drum set. This Drum set is the best gift choice for the children.
    • Manufacturer: Zepluxe
    • Package Dimensions: 16.5 x 13.35 x 2.28 inches
    • Item Weight: 2.29 pounds
  • Question 1: Is the drum pad spill-proof or waterproof?
    Answer:No, the pads of the roll-up electronic drum set don't seem to be spill-proof, therefore mind once around something wet. It might short-circuit the console or the jacks.
  • Question 2:Can the practice drum sessions be recorded?
    Answer: Yes, you can altogether record and playback your tracks on this drum set.
  • Question 3: Can a professional percussionist use this? What alternative accessories does it come with?
    Answer: One of the foremost challenges for any skilled percussionist is the quality of play and build on the go. This product positively opens several doors of endless prospects. This product comes with 2 sets of drumsticks, 2 foot pedals and a USB cable.
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