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Bloomin'B Automatic Bubble Blower Machine



Bloomin’B is an excellent fit for

  • Indoor and outdoor play
  • Party decorations
  • Children above 3+
Light up your kids’ day with an automatic bubble maker machine that is
  • Makes 3000 plus bubbles in under a minute
  • Portable, compact and light-weight
  • Runs both on batteries and electricity
  • Comes with bubble solution


Lithium-ion battery


Rich, colorful bubbles







Safe For Kids

It is made from safe ABS material and includes clean bubble water. It is perfect to make your kid's playtime fun.

Perfect For Every Occasion

Create a colourful dreamy world for any happy occasion with Bloomin'B Bubble Maker. Suitable for parties, picnics, festivals or any outdoor events.

Numerous Bubbles in an Instant

creates over 3000 bubbles in less than a minute with one simple button push. The perfect addition to your kid's parties.

Hassle Free Design

It's one seamless plastic body prevents water leakage and has a ventilation outlet to prevent the motor from overheating, ensuring longer product life.

Best Bubble Machine for Parties

  • 3000+ BUBBLE MAKER MACHINE: Bloomin’B is an automatic bubble maker machine, perfect for happy occasions like events and parties and for your kid’s playtime. This bubble and foam maker machine also works great for professional events and outdoor events like parties, weddings and birthday parties as well.
  • RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM-ION BATTERY: To make it a powerful bubble maker machine, Bloomin’B uses a rechargeable 5.0V Lithium-Ion Battery. Its long-lasting feature and intense power ensure a rich blast of dense bubbles for your kids to have fun with this kids’ toy during their summer holidays. Make any event lively with Bloomin’B Bubble Maker.
  • INSTANT BUBBLE BLOWER FOR KIDS AND TODDLERS: Equipped with powerful motors, Bloomin’B is a one of a kind automatic bubble maker machine, made for kids, toddlers and outdoor events. With one simple button press, it creates about 3000+ rich colorful bubbles in less than a minute.
  • EASY TO USE: If you are looking for a toy to gift your kids, Bloomin’B would be a perfect choice as your kids would love to play with it. It is quite easy to use as it starts creating colorful bubbles with one simple button press. It also has a foaming function.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: This automatic bubble maker machine has a seamless plastic design to make it lightweight and portable. This elegant design also makes this automatic electric bubble blower machine a hassle-free device as it is designed to prevent water leakage. It has a ventilation shaft to prevent the motors from overheating.
  • Environment-friendly
  • Easy-to-store and carry
  • Product dimensions: 20.6x15x12.4cm
  • Product weight: 1.43 lbs
  • Question 1: What are the benefits of playing with bubbles?
    Answer: There are a lot of benefits of playing with bubbles for young children. Some of the most known effects and benefits of bubble play are: ● Aid in visual tracking skills
    ● Aid in better speech, hearing
    ● Body awareness
    ● Development of gross motor movement, balance and muscle tone
    ● Enhancement hand and foot-eye coordination
    ● Development of better oral-motor skills and language
    ● Spatial awareness and directionality
  • Question 2: How do you clean a bubble machine?
    Answer: You can clean an automatic bubble machine with a multi-purpose cleaner or disinfectant.
  • Question 3: How do you fill a bubble machine?
    Answer: Fill the automatic bubble machine’s reservoir with soap water and press the button to get colorful bubbles.