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Alluren Massager Gun



The Only Way To Give Deep Tissue Therapy To Yourself

One Liner: This handheld electric massager can help you in:
  • Building Muscles Faster
  • Lose Unwanted Fat
  • Recover From Injuries Quicker
  • Instant Pain Relief
One Liner: This professional deep tissue massager comes with 4 different removable heads to:
  • Ball Head - For muscle relaxation
  • Flat Head - For targeting huge muscle groups like quads
  • Precise Head - For deep tissue therapy massage
  • Fork Head - For the neck and achilles




Ft Anti-drop Shell


lbs Lightweight

Rechargeable Battery


4 Speed Levels

4 Different Removable Heads

A proper massage can relax you, remove your pain quickly and ensure a healthier and better life. You can have it all with the ReserveQ percussion muscle massager in the comfort of your own home.

Alluren massager gun is a device that can apply the right amount of pressure on your muscle tissues to provide quick relief like a professional massage can. It can also improve the blood circulation in your body and help you be free of stress.

Alluren's swappable massage heads and its ergonomic design helps you reach every muscle group from every angle, providing you with a professional-like massage at home.



Professional Portable Massager Gun For Quick Pain Relief Product Description:

  • FULL BODY MASSAGE: Alluren is a portable handheld massager gun for your body with which you can get relief from your muscle cramps, back pain, neck pain, and sore muscles. It is an excellent pain relief tool that also provides you relief from stress and tense muscles by increasing blood circulation and percussion massage therapy.
  • PROFESSIONAL BODY MASSAGER: With the Alluren body massager pen, you can get to enjoy the relief and relaxation of a professional massage, at home. It is suitable for all parts of your body and is an excellent self-care tool.
  • ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY LEVEL: Alluren Massager Pen is a handheld device, with which you can massage your entire body. It has 4 speed and intensity levels to help you choose your preferred settings according to the massage group you intend to massage.
  • HANDHELD BACK MASSAGER WITH SWITCHABLE APPLICATORS: Alluren massager pen’s fast action technology helps you get relief from muscle pain and cramps quickly. To address different muscle groups and give you a full body massage, it comes with 4 unique applicator heads for different functions. Along with that, the feature of adjustable intensity helps you enjoy a professional massage at home.
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN: To give you a complete professional massage and provide relief from muscle pain at the comfort of your home, Alluren Massager Pen has an excellent portable design. Its high torque motor has a noiseless operation that provides you with percussion therapy for deep tissue massage at home. It also has 3 hours of battery life and an anti-drop shell to increase durability and product life.
  • Includes: 4 Applicator Heads
  • Intensity Levels: 4
  • RPM: 1300 - 3700
  • Material: Nylon, Glass Fiber & 6.6ft Anti Drop Shell
  • Package Dimensions: 13.31 x 9.76 x 4.09 inches; 3.62 Pounds
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Average Battery Run Time: 3 hours
  • Item Model Number: XH0840-1000W
  • Manufacturer: RESERVE Q
  • Question 1: I am an athlete and my leg muscles often cramp up. I use a massager gun in my gym, but I want one for my home. Is this suitable for me?
    Answer: Yes, this product is perfectly suitable for addressing body aches and muscle pains of professionals. You can use it for regular muscle warm-ups as well. This is specially designed to address muscle injuries and muscle cramps with its adjustable speed and swappable applicator heads.
  • Question 2: Is one massager gun suitable for a complete body massage?
    Answer: We too believe that one massager cannot be suitable for massaging the entire body. So, to address specific muscle groups and parts of the human body, we provide 4 uniquely designed massager heads that you can use to get a professional massage and quick relief at home.
  • Question 3: Massager guns are known for being something that is difficult to hold on to. Is this product durable and worth buying??
    Answer: Massager guns vibrate at a fast rate. Alluren has a high torque motor to have increased intensity. To compensate for the vibration for the motor, Alluren is made from vibration dampening material and Nylon 66. To increase its life and prevent damages from accidental fall, it also has an anti-drop shell that helps it withstand a 6.6ft drop