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using our 7-Stage Research and Testing process


our process

Take a look at our 5-step process that each product has to go through to make it on the EZBoutiq platform

Step 1: Product Research

Our R&D team conducts thorough research of each product and its efficacy to ensure that it benefits the masses in the best possible light. Each product and its corresponding market is carefully analyzed to ensure that your daily processes are made more comfortable. Our research process is unmatched for you to experience the difference.

Step 2: Product Certification & Performance

The products listed are all subject to a stringent verification process and, once certified with credentials, are uploaded for our users. From researching reliable vendors to providing necessary certifications, we make sure that they are intended for their purposeful use. Analyzing the product’s performance and the label potential is a vital part of this process.

Step 3: Cross Checking & Verification

Once each product has been certified with the required ranks and certifications, we crosscheck and trace back to the source for factual verification. The credentials and ratings published are genuine and talk about the utility and benefit each product gives to the users. We make sure that the consumer get’s what they’re looking for.

Step 4: Quality Control

The products are all subject to maintenance and quality check from time to time to ensure continued high quality and performance. With well-defined controls, we make sure that the products have scope for improvement, and discrepancies, if any, are quickly identified and corrected within no time.

Step 5: Review Analysis & Continuous Innovation

Going through valuable customer feedback and reviews is the heart and soul of this process. Customer reviews are considered with the utmost reverence, and our products are continuously improved based on essential suggestions. Our thirst for continuous improvement and innovation keeps our product range large and expands lifestyles the world over.